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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tube News

I’m not sure how I missed this, but apparently former Smallville heartthrob Eric Johnson, aka Whitney Fordman, is the new Flash Gordon. Johnson has landed the lead in the new Sci-fi series Flash Gordon, according to TV Guide. The show is set to debut in August. Apparently, Lana Lang really does have a thing for super heroes.

The adorable Kristin Chenoweth (The West Wing) will guest star in the season finale of Ugly Betty on May 17. Rumor has it she’ll play an orthodontic technician, so I guess we haven’t seen the last of Betty’s orthodontist. Meanwhile, Beverly Hills 90210 alumnus Rebecca Gayheart, also known as the real-life Mrs. McSteamy, will guest star on Ugly Betty during May sweeps. Gayheart will play Alex’s former girlfriend.

Former soap star and Dancing With the Stars alumnus Lisa Rinna is replacing Joan and Melissa Rivers as TV Guide Channel’s Red Carpet Host. Perhaps we should have a moment of silence? I’ll miss Joan and her humorous gaffes and her natural ability to tick off celebs. For years, the Rivers ladies made the red carpet almost more fun than the actual awards shows. I hope the Rivers gals will turn up somewhere for awards season. But since they were already booted from E!, I’m not sure what other network has a vacancy. Rinna makes her debut at the Emmys in September 2007.

Dallas star Victoria Principal has reserved a ride to space with Virgin Galactic, according to E!Online. The inaugural space flight reportedly costs $265,000 and will last for 80 minutes. The former Pamela Ewing will head to space in 2008, if all goes well with the planned launch. J.R. is gonna be so jealous.


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