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Thursday, April 12, 2007

American Idol: Haley heads home, Sanjaya lives

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Last night the votes were tallied, and Haley Scarnato was finally sent home.

It was about time, folks! Haley’s departure was way overdue. She was an OK singer, but she wasn’t an American Idol. She looked better than she could sing. She did do a decent job though on her departure song.

As for Sanjaya, he lived to sing another day. Enough said.

Jennifer Lopez also performed last night, since she was the “celebrity mentor” of the week. She was awesome and looked great. But not being of a Spanish decent, we couldn’t understand a word she said. “Jenny from the Block” was there promoting her new Latino album, and she did us proud. Go Jenny, Go Jenny.

Next week is country week on Idol, with “celebrity mentor” Martina McBride. If you’ve ever heard her sing, you know that none of the Idol hopefuls can hold a candle to her. She has a beautiful voice, and we’re eagerly anticipating her performance on elimination. We’re not, however, eagerly anticipating Sanjaya going country. Will he go for a mullet or a cowboy hat?

Until next week….we might be back.


wendy said...

FINALLY, Haley is gone, next we need to get rid of Phil and Sanjaya!

Do you think Idol will be back for season7 girls?

bethany said...

Well, hopefully Wendy you are right. Phil and Sanjaya should be the next to go. As for season 7, I really think that it will take a little more than this one boring season to bring down the idol beast.

Becky said...

I think idol will be back, but they will probably try something different next season.

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