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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heather Mills leaves Dancing With the Stars

Heather Mills wasn’t the least bit shocked at not surviving this week’s Dancing With the Stars.

Mills pulled out a list of people to thank, as she gave her final interview. She even managed to get a dig in at Judge Carrie Ann, before departing, saying that she knew that Carrie Ann’s score of seven had sealed her fate. (Cue the dramatic music.)

Good for you, Heather. I’m not sure why Carrie Ann has been so tough on the females in this competition, but it’s time somebody said it. In no way did Heather and Billy Ray deserve the same score. Her dance was elegant and beautiful, and well, as much as I love Billy Ray, his hillbilly jig was horrendous. Yet, the judges praised his enthusiasm and gave him decent scores.

Then later, the judges told stiff Ian Ziering to watch Billy Ray’s performance for some pointers. Huh? Is everyone on crack? Sure, Billy Ray is an excellent performer, but he’s not an excellent DANCER!

The judges’ contradictory remarks are beyond confusing. First, Len yelled at Apolo and his partner for using a chair in his dance and then argued with Bruno that it wasn’t “performance art,” but dancing. Then, the judges completely contradicted that statement and gave Billy Ray decent scores based on “performance,” not his dancing.

In truth, Billy Ray should have gone. Yes, he’s the crowd favorite, and the judges apparently love him. But, he was the worst dancer of the night. (Sorry. Ducking for cover.)

John is my pick for who will go home next. I actually enjoyed his dances this week. He gets better every week and brings personality to the floor. But, I don’t think it will be enough to outshine the popularity of the hillbilly dancer.


Becky said...

I like John and Edyta, though I do realize he isn't the best one there, I am a sentimental person.

I am glad that Heather went, I have no love for her.

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