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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing With the Stars: Leeza leaves and Drew returns

Leeza Gibbons didn’t get the votes this week to keep her Dancing With the Stars.

Thank you, America, for finally getting it right. Gibbons’ stiff, awkward dancing should have earned her a ticket on the departure bus long before this. But, apparently her hotness and personality got her enough votes to outlast two of the more talented dancers.

Leeza’s departure wasn’t the big buzz of the night. Nope. Drew Lachey stole the thunder when he burst onto the stage, in full cowboy costume, during the Big & Rich song “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” Any self-respecting DWTS fan remembers that incredible routine that Lachey and partner Cheryl Burke danced to when they won the competition two years ago. Lachey proved he’s still got it, as he joined Burke and the other dancers to strut his stuff. It made me realize just how lackluster this year’s performances have been thus far.

Judge Len Goodman said as much, when he began this week’s competition with a stern lecture to the contestants. He told them they weren’t putting in the practice required to give “10” performances and that his marks would reflect that. Apparently, one couple this week put in only six hours of practice, according to Goodman’s comments at TV Guide Online. Mario Lopez last year, was averaging 21 hours of practice per week, according to the TV Guide article. I guess practice makes a difference. That and, I’m guessing, natural dance ability, which Lopez, Joey Lawrence and Emmitt Smith seemed to have.

I still think Ian Ziering is the breakout guy to watch this year. Sure, Joey Fatone is the favorite, considering his boy-band dance background, but I think Ian could win this thing. Steve Sanders, don’t let me down!


Bec said...

It was AWESOME to see Drew back, love him!

tube talk girl said...

When the music cranked for that song, I said, "Oh...it's the Drew/Cheryl" song...then he burst onto the stage. Good Lord, that boy can dance!

Greg said...

I can't believe Leeza is 50! (I'm feeling very very old right now....)

tube talk girl said...

She looks amazing! She's not a great dancer, but she sure is pretty.

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