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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol: Sanjaya’s Big Pimpin’

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

Another evening of American Idol, and our only comment of the evening is, “Sanjaya, Big Pimpin’ or Big Looser?”

OK, that isn’t our only comment, but it was funny. And how should we respond to his latest antics? The guy had slicked-down hair and a white suit. We were waiting for him to belt out Staying Alive, by the Bee Gees, and do the John Travolta pelvic thrust.

As Paula said “is this American Idol or Dancing with the Stars?”

We are going to go the Simon route and say, “WOW he was just incredible!” He probably wont be going home tonight either. We’re dealing with this whole debacle with humor, which is our only coping mechanism right now.

As we’ve stated before he is probably a real nice kid. He just makes it so easy for people to poke fun at him.

Back to the recap, last night was Tony Bennett night on Idol, and even though we love Tony Bennett and give him the utmost respect, the man is 80 and should be hitting up a golf course, instead of American Idol. Loved the gold jacket though.

Blake was in his territory last night, as well as Melinda, Lakisha, Chris and our girl Jordin. We are predicting that Jordin might take this all the way. That is if Sanjaya gets the boot.

As for Gina, Phil and Haley, they did not have a good night.

Phil’s heartfelt love song geared to his wife went OK, but it didn’t do much for the judges. How can we say this delicately…. "Phil if you are going to keep on shaving your head, you need a good eyebrow wax.”

Gina just was out of her comfort zone, and Haley, well, at least the judges think she looks good.

Will Sanjaya be sent home tonight and devastate the “Fanjayas” around the world? Or will his millions of preteen girls pull him through another week?

We’ll be back tomorrow to let you know.


wendy said...

Sanjaya should of sang "Fever" now that would of been funny!

Anonymous said...

It is a sure sign that there is a significant lack of talent when so much time (and words) are spent on what the performer was wearing. The white suit - that green dress etc. etc. I long for the good old days of Idol when they actually had contestants with a greater degree of real raw talent.

Bec said...

Anonymous, Maybe if the show this year focused more on singing and developing the contestants singing capabilities then we would have more to write and talk about other than fashion and hairstyles. But since this year the show is obviously a popularity contest, we can only work with what we got, sorry.

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