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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol Chatter: Neil Diamond night sparkles

Alright! Finally a night we can get into. We LOVE Neil Diamond! For the most part, the contestants did not disappoint. The hour was fast paced and full of actual singing. What a concept.

Jason Castro was up first. Jason was pretty decent with his first song choice “Forever in Blue Jeans.” But, his second choice, “September Morn,” fell flat. Jason seemed uncomfortable in his second song. We know that Neil Diamond may not be the best genre to showcase what his voice is capable of, but it really showed his weaknesses. As Randy has said time and time again, if you can sing, you can sing anything. Jason seems to be playing it safe every week and has fallen into the trap of always sounding the same. But, who knows, his fans may save him again.

Next up was David Cook. David’s first song was “I’m Alive”. He sang it well. When it came time for his second selection, we were waiting to be wowed, and he did not disappoint. We absolutely loved “All I Really Need Is You.” Great selection and fantastic performance! Of course everyone knows that we love David Cook, but this time, we really think he showed star quality.

Brooke White made us cringe with “I’m a Believer.” She looked completely out of sorts and her face looked like she was in actual pain. Watching her performance was painful for us, as well. Sorry Brooke, but your time may be up. All you can hope for is that your fans tuned in late and only saw your second performance. That may save you.

David Archuleta is beginning to be very predictable. Both of his performances sounded the same. He could have taken some risks with his song choices. The songs were sung just like the originals. Don’t worry David; you are the safest contestant on the show. You will be around next week.

Syesha Mercado surprised us last night. Her first choice, “Hello Again” was great. We love that side of her. But she chose to rock out to close the show with “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime,” fantastic song selection. We hope that Syesha is around next week.

Who knows what awaits us tonight in the results show. As we all know, you can’t predict Idol…..


Anonymous said...

I thought Brooke Sang good and that is one of my favorite songs, too.AMT

Anonymous said...

Also, I love the blogs ladies I read them every day.AMT

the ladies said...

thanks for reading amt ;)

Tim said...

Who else thinks David A.'s performance of "Coming to America" sounded like it belonged on a cruise ship?

I hate hime more and more every week!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not bashing Jason this week. Clairvoyant Paula, demonstrating that this show is indeed FIXED beyond words, did enough of that with her drunken rant.

How much do I hate N.Diamond songs? T-H-I-S MUCH. Coming to America, Longfellow Serenade, oh, the list goes on. These songs should be banned. Archie is now officially mediocre. No one impressed me this week. Thank heavens Brooke got the big boot.

Bec said...

No problem, BUT We didnt bash Jason last week, we just didn't care for the way he came off. We have ALWAYS been a fan of his, with the exception of the last 2 weeks.

Tim, I agree about Archie, it was very cruise shippie. I was going to blow if David Cook got booted though.

Bethany said...

I did hate it that Syesha was in the bottom 2. I know that at this point everyone is talented, but i hate to see some of them go. But it was past time for Brooke to go.

kelly in ny said...

I am like you girls, I am starting to really like Syesha, I liked her at first but then she kinda went downhill for awhile but now she is showing that SHE CAN SING!
I was miffed that she was in the bottum 2 also. Sorry it should have been either Castro or Archuletta in the bottum 2 with Brooke, but it was FOR SURE Brookes time to go.
I love to read your post!

Bethany said...

Thanks Kelly!!!

Tim said...

A. Neil Diamond is cool. Sweet Caroline...Cherry Cherry...Cracklin' Rosie...those are great songs.

B. Explain to me how Paula's confusion (chemically induced or otherwise) is evidence of the show being fixed.

C. Jason is a one-trick pony who obviously sees himself as cooler than the show (which he probably is). He has not put any effort into the show for two or three weeks.

D. Archie is the devil's spawn. I'm convinced.

Bec said...

Tim, you said it all right there, no need to say anything else.
I have so much more respect for you now, even if you are hot for Gina.

Tim said...

Hmm...does that mean you lacked respect for me before?...lol.

Bec said...

No not really, I just have a wee bit more now ;)

Please tell me though that Amy Whinehouse is off the hot list? Please,if not, I beg you to remove her.

Bec said...

I meant that I did hae respect for you, I just have more now. That did come out right.

Tim said...

The Amy Winehouse fascination was fast and fleeting. She's so far off of The List that she's buried underneath of it.

Bec said...

And thank goodness for that tim, oh and pardon my spelling yesterday, I really need to quit taking to the bottle before noon

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