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Friday, April 11, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Rooting for a female to be the The Biggest Loser

by Ashley Gouveia

If you’re like me and find watching people exercise more enjoyable then doing it yourself, then you’ve probably tuned in to NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

This season had contestants set up in pairs to try and see who can get healthy and gain their lives back. Mother and son, brothers, and best friends came together to get their butts in gear by the shows trainers (or scary drill sergeants!), Bob and Jillian.

Next Tuesday, one person will be crowned The Biggest Loser and win $250,000. It all comes down to Ali, Kelly, Roger and Mark. This week host Allison Sweeny (Sami Brady to soap fans), informed the group that for the first time in the show’s history America will get the chance to vote who will be the third and final member in the finale. I have been hoping this would be the season that we would finally get a female winner. I think there’s a great chance that could happen.

Between the blatant product placements and weepy recap videos, Chef Rocco Dispirito returned to the Biggest Loser ranch to help the contestants make their favorite comfort foods, but without the calories. Well, that’s no fun. I have yet to figure out if frozen yogurt mint chocolate chip tastes just as good as the real thing.

One little twist this week was that the remaining players wouldn’t have their trainers to help them with their final workouts before the finale. They were on their own for the entire week. That didn’t prevent them from giving it all they had to make sure they didn’t fall below that dreaded yellow line.

I was rooting for Brittany and Bernie before they got voted off, now I’m backing either Ali or Kelly. It’s been relatively easy to root for them since both of the guys have been so arrogant about their certainty in winning the game. The former blue team members were so sure that one of them would win over the women. At the last weigh in, not only did Ali have the most amount of weight loss, but also Kelly came in a close second. This left Mark and Roger dazed, confused and up for elimination. That was a great moment!

I expect, and hope, that America chooses Mark to be the third player in the finale. If he is chosen, then the women might have a greater chance to take the title. They all have lost such an amazing amount of weight that they’re truly a source of motivation. Till next week!

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ilovetubetalk said...

I am a huge Alison Sweeney/Days fans but I just love seeing her out of the soap element as the host on this show! Thanks for keeping me updated for times when I can't catch the show!

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