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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: Adios Adam!

His entertaining unicycle routine and pencil-thin mustache during his Zorro-themed dance couldn’t save Adam Carolla this week. He and partner Julianne Hough were sent packing.

It was the right choice, voters, despite that many of you are going to miss Carolla’s wisecracking.

Kristi and Mark danced an incredible Paso Doble, that in my opinion should have earned a perfect score. But judge Len Goodman didn’t agree, giving the couple their only nine, saying that he felt Kristi danced every dance the same. It’s clear to me that Len is judging Kristi on another level than he is the other dancers. Perhaps because she’s just so good. In the end, they got two 10s and a nine.

Marlee and Fabian had so much emotion in their waltz that it made judge Carrie Ann cry. Those two have incredible chemistry. Their dance was one of my favorites of the night. The judges picked on her for posture, giving the couple straight eights, but I thought they were fantastic.

Jason and Edyta were the big shocker of the night for me. It’s hard to conceive how a man the size of Jason Taylor could embody grace and elegance, but his waltz was both of those. Len remarked, “That was a wow of a waltz.” And Bruno declared that they managed to make the waltz sexy and that he’d never seen anything like it. Taylor did stumble during the dance, but that didn’t deter the judges from awarding high marks. They earned two perfect scores of 10 and Len’s nine.

Another sizzling couple was Derek and Shannon. Their waltz was sexy, too, or a “spring awakening” as Len said. He awarded them the only 10 he’s given out so far this season. Their overall score was a 28, though. Their routine ended with a simulated kiss, but co-host Samantha Harris implied that romance was actually brewing between Shannon and Derek. (Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened on this show before!)

Priscilla and Louis were also impressive. They danced a beautiful waltz, but their lift cost them points with the judges and the pair landed in the bottom two rankings. Mario and Karina were passionate in their Paso, but Len said that all of Mario’s dances seemed the same. Still, their marks were high enough to keep them in the competition.

Marissa and Tony redeemed themselves with the judges this week, after being called “boring” by Carrie Ann last week. They danced an impressive Paso, and I was happy to see Carrie Ann heap them with praise.

Cristian and Cheryl were hot with their Paso, but I could have done without his yelling throughout the routine. Their behind- the-scenes footage was interesting, though. I don’t ever remember Cheryl being so cranky in past seasons. Do you?

I think everyone expected Adam to leave this week, but it’s next week when things will get difficult. All the dancers left are capable. I was a bit surprised that Priscilla who has had such high scores week to week landed in the bottom two. Apparently, she just isn’t popular with the masses.


Anonymous said...

if you have been listening to all the gossip, there is reason why cheryl has been so cranky, maybe the dancers need to keep their relationships professional.

tube talk girl said...

OK, anonymous spill. What have you heard? LOL I know she's been accused of a relationship with Drew, but I don't think anyone actually believed that.

Kim said...

It seems there is always gossip, but I never believed that Julianne and Helio were hooking up.

Karina and Mario Lopez, however. That one was obvious!

Bec said...

I heard that Cheryl and Drew were ummm "caught" in the act. I don't believe everything I hear, but I hope it isn't true. I like Drew AND his wife!

She was awfully cranky, I thought she was mad at her partner, but who knows.

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