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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol Chatter: Idol takes on Broadway

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Last night on American Idol, the top six contestants were given the difficult task of singing an Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway hit. And while we knew some would fail and others would excel, it was still painful to watch. Syesha did OK with her song “One Rock and Roll Too Many” from Starlight Express. She has a good voice, and the Broadway circuit is right up her alley.

Jason Castro sang “Memories” and well, lets just say we don't want to ever remember his version. It was painful, and may have sunk his Idol ship.

Brooke was another painful singer of the evening. She took on “You Must Love Me” from Evita. She messed up the song and practically cried throughout the rest of it. We like Brooke, but man she needs to get a grip! We’re afraid that she is going to crack under the Idol pressure. Her time is up!

David Archuletta made us want to gag when all the 12-year-olds came rushing on stage to "hug" him. Can you say OVER KILL? David chose “Think of Me,” from Phantom of the Opera. Bethany has seen Phantom on Broadway. So, we were very nervous. It was a strange choice for David because in the musical, a female sings the song. But, surprisingly, he pulled it off. Broadway-style music is definitely his bread and butter. And as long as anyone under 15 can call in, he has no worries.

Our favorites of the night were Carly and her version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Man that girl has got some pipes on her. And David Cook's version of "Music of the Night" was to die for. The beginning was a bit off for us, but once he got into it, we were hooked. Wait, we have always been hooked. This man can do no wrong.

Tonight Brooke and Jason are vulnerable. And frankly it is about time for them to go anyway.


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