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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

“The Gute” gets the boot on Dancing With the Stars

He didn’t earn the lowest score from the judges this week, but voters must have thought Steve “The Gute” Guttenberg didn’t dance as well as the rest of the contestants. The voters were right.

I’m not sure what the judges were watching, but how they came up with the scores this week baffled me.

Guttenberg’s tango was fun, but not up to the technical level of his counterparts, yet it earned him straight 7s. Perhaps he earned sympathy with the judges because his partner, Anna, fell ill during the week, and Steve had to practice the dance with her husband, Jonathan. I’m just glad that America realized that despite being a super nice guy and a good entertainer, “The Gute” just didn’t have the skills to stay for another week.

The biggest “huh” moment of the week was the judges’ harsh treatment of Marissa Jaret Winokur. Her jive was really good, certainly better than Steve’s tango, yet Steve didn’t get a tongue-lashing from the torturous trio or score two 6s. Carrie Ann said she was “bored” with Marissa and Tony’s routine. How that was possible is beyond me. I’m glad everyone phoned in to keep Marissa in the competition.

The other head-scratcher for me was the triple seven score of Marlee Matlin. In my opinion, she should have earned 8s. The fact that she could jive like that and not hear the beat, well, it’s beyond impressive. Plus, she’s animated and so much fun to watch.

The most improved dancer was Adam Carolla. I know, I’m shocked, too. He was actually pretty decent. Although his attempts to be funny usually annoy me, this week, I was cracking up. His comments about the usually sexy Julianne’s hair and wardrobe had me howling. “I don’t know who dressed this little gal, but the Sandy Duncan wig and the friar’s frock is not helping our cause,” Carolla cracked, as the audience erupted in laughter. I agree Adam. I never thought it possible to make hottie Julianne Hough look matronly.

Priscilla Presley rebounded this week with an impressive tango, earning her two 9s and an 8. Jason Taylor, however, failed to impress Len, who told him “one week you’re a rooster, the next week you’re a feather duster.” Ouch. No worries, Jason, I don’t think anyone else would ever call you a feather duster.

As usual, Kristi Yamaguchi was flawless, and Cristian de la Fuente was good, too. But, Mario “bitterly” disappointed Len and earned him one 6 for his tango. Perhaps, he’ll reduce his touring schedule a little this week to focus more on his dancing.

Who will go next is a toss up. I think it should be Adam, as he’s the least talented now of the group, but as we all know, this show is often more about popularity than dance talent.


debra in SC said...

I think Jason was really good and Shannon, too. But Kristi is just, as you said, "flawless." Is it fair, though, because she supposedly has had ballet training?

Bec said...

I liked Steve better than Adam! Granted Steve wasn't that good, BUT I cannot stand Adam!

I thought the clip about "things you might not know about the stars was funny." For a moment I thought Jason really made mini ships!

tube talk girl said...

OMG, Bec, so did I. I said to Mr. Tube Talk, I can't believe that guy with those huge hands builds those tiny ships. He's like a gentle giant.

I am such an idiot. I didn't realize it was an April Fool's prank until Marlee was in the cop getup.

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