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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shannon Elizabeth booted from Dancing With the Stars

Despite a serious injury that occurred during a routine that will require Cristian de la Fuente to have surgery, he wasn’t the one leaving Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night. Shannon Elizabeth was the one to go.

Once again, voters made the right decision. Shannon had a go-get-‘em attitude (not to mention other attributes,) but she was an awkward mover at times, and the least talented of the dancers left.

What I don’t get is how Cristian is going to go on with a ruptured tendon? He said his doctor gave him the OK, but I’m guessing this means his dancing will be comprised. I’m assuming there won’t be any lifts in his and Cheryl’s future routines.

For the first week since the competition began, Kristi and Mark weren’t at the top of the leader board. Their cha-cha was too hip-hoppy for judge Len Goodman, and he gave them an eight, despite his fellow judges awarding them 10s.

This week’s leader was Jason Taylor. Again, I enjoy his dancing, but I feel like his choreography needs a change up. Even Len commented this week that he does the same pose over and over again. I’ve called Edyta out on this choreography issue before. She did the same thing last year with Cameron Mathison. Add some more dance content, Edyta, and stop with all the posing! Jason can dance. He doesn’t need to just pose and look pretty.

Finally, the judges gave Marissa and Tony three nines. For the past three weeks, Len had given them only eights. I was thrilled to see them pull a 27.

Next week, will be the most difficult week to say goodbye to a dancer. We’re left with a talented group and deciding who will go will be tough. I’m guessing it will be either Marissa or Mario, or perhaps Cristian, depending on how much his injury affects his performance.

I’d love to be able to talk about Shannon and Derek’s departing comments, but my DVR cut off the last few minutes of the show, right at the mark when it was down to Shannon and Marissa. I had to go to the Internet to find out who actually got the boot.
Is this some ploy by ABC to get people to stop using DVRs and start watching live? If so, it’s not going to work. There is no way possible I could sit through the overstuffed results show each week without a fast forward button, no matter how frustrated I get that after watching this show for two nights straight I miss the most important moment. Shame on you, ABC. Your viewers deserve better.


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