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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Idol Chatter: Dolly comes to town!

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

This week Dolly Parton was the guest mentor for the contestants, and like most people, we love Dolly. Who wouldn’t? Even if you don’t like her singing, her style of music or her “look,” she is just such a nice lady it’s hard not to like her. Anyway, the contestants were thrilled to have her help them out this week, and all in all, it wasn’t a bad night. Of course, with us there are always a few exceptions.

Ramiele did better than the previous weeks, and there is no doubt that she can sing. But she seems to lack the confidence that one needs for this kind of thing. It’s time for Ramiele to go home. And Syesha, haven’t you learned one of the cardinal rules about Idol? Absolutely no Mariah or Whitney. The only person who can do “I Will Always Love You” better than Whitney Houston is Dolly Parton. Syesha did herself no favors last night, and we might be telling her adios tonight.

Sore spots for the evening were David Archuletta and Kristy Lee Cook. Of course, they are always a sore spot for us. But last night, it was like someone kept on pushing that sore. Kristy’s performance was OK, but that is it, just OK. While she is pretty, really pretty, she is dull, and her performance was very karaoke.

David’s performance did not deserve the rave reviews it got from the judges. Is his dad paying them or what? We just cannot see him as an “American Idol.” Can you say “Lounge Singer?” Come on girls, quit squealing and send him home so he can make it to the prom!

Jason Castro was better. We actually liked his song, but he has got to loose the dreads. They are just not cutting it. (Get it?) Plus, he just looks like he has been smoking something before his performance. Maybe it relaxes him, who knows. We would like to see what he can do next week, but he may also be a vulnerable one tonight.

Brooke and Carly were once again standouts for the ladies. There is no doubting these gals have talent. Both did good jobs, though sometimes it is hard to watch Brooke’s mouth when she sings. But we can deal with that. Props to Carly for not loosing it when Simon dissed her outfit. It wasn’t that bad, and the poor thing, she looked as though she was going to cry. We love you Simon, but you are not one to be giving out fashion advice. Leave that to Paula.

David Cook, once again, gave a totally outstanding performance. We are digging the new haircut. He is just so darn cute, and we believe he is going to take it all this year. He could make a record today and have it hit the top 10! We would like to say that we hope he is feeling better. Apparently, he had some issues and had to go to the hospital after the show. Our thoughts are with you, David.

But our favorite performance of the night goes to Michael Johns. Whoa! Just dump a bucket of ice water on every hot-blooded female around the country. That performance was HOT!!!!! It is our clip of the week. Enjoy ladies. Be envious men.

Tonight, as previous shows have done, a lady will probably hit the road. Kristy, Syesha, and Ramiele are all vulnerable, but as we have always said, you never know. We will be back tomorrow with the results.


tara said...

ramiele has GOT to go girls, i am like you 2 i think kristy stinks but ramiele is sinking farther and farther down my like list!

kim said...

michael can use me anytime.

it will be a girls elimination tonight, poor david i hope he feels better.

tube talk girl said...

I've never heard a Dolly song performed quite like that. Wow. It was really cool.

Bec said...

I knew Ramiele would go, I don't know why she was so upset though, she honestly didn't think she would win did she?

And what was with Brooke being in the bottum 3??????????

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