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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Idol: Inspiration in small doses

Hey Idol fans, Tuesday night was supposed to be a night full of inspirational songs, but we are sorry to report that some of the performances left us a bit deflated. We were all pumped up for an hour of over-the-top performances that would uplift us, but only a few Idols delivered.

The show began with our hottie Michael Johns. We were a little nervous about his song selection, not his best choice. But he did well enough to stay in another week.

Syesha did not listen to our previous advice. She chose “I Believe,” which Fantasia sang when she claimed the Idol prize. Come on Syesha. Do not pick songs that whenever we listen to them, we can only hear the original. While she sang it well, technically, we could only hear Fantasia. Sorry.

That brings us to Jason Castro. What can we say about Jason? While we know that he has a lot of appeal with the ladies, he is beginning to bore us. He needs to perform without the guitar and take a risk with his song choice. We could do without the dreads as well.

Then you have Kristy Lee Cook. We were a little nervous when she took on Martina McBride. We love Martina! But, Kristy held her own. It was not her best performance, but it was good enough to keep her in for another week, maybe.

David Archuleta impressed us somewhat with his song, “Angels.” Nice choice for David. He did a pretty good job. It seems like inspirational songs are right up his alley! He will be around next week for sure.

David Cook on the other hand did not impress with his song selection. Although he sang well, the song was obscure and a little weird for us. Sorry, this was not David’s best night. We hope that his fan base was motivated to pick up the phone last night, or he could end up in the bottom three. Shocking for us to say this, we know, however at this stage of the game, you have to deliver and get the phones to phone in.

That leaves us with the two most disappointing performances of the night. Carly and Brooke. Now, we are big fans of Carly and Brooke, but sorry again girls, not a good night. Brooke seemed like she was on the verge of tears throughout her entire song. She needs to learn how to keep her emotions from overcoming her during a song. Then Carly caught a glimpse of Simon’s face in the audience and totally fell apart during her song. Aside from the fact that Carly did not make the best choice of song, she did not sing it well. It was too big for her. Brooke may need a friend to cry on or the show just might go on without Carly.

We’ll see if someone leaves us this week. Who knows what surprises await us tonight? Enjoy Idol Gives Back!


Bec said...

I do have to say though after watching Jason's performance again, regardless of the locks, i did LOVE that version of "somewhere over the rainbow." It takes me back to Dr. Green's final episode of ER, I think I bawled the entire time.

tube talk girl said...

I love that song! Have you heard Martina McBride's version? It will make you weep.

I didn't see Jason perform it. I'll have to catch it on You Tube.

tara said...

I thought it was ok too, didnt care much for the girls though.

what was up with Syesha last night, she looked terrible at the end, of course they dug out the white outfits again.

Bec said...

I thought that to Tera, not to mention the fact that she was wearing shorts!

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