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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Priscilla Presley says good-bye to Dancing With the Stars

Priscilla Presley didn’t get enough votes to keep her Dancing With the Stars. She was the latest celebrity let go from the show.

Presley’s performance this week failed to wow the judges, earning her the lowest score of the week. She missed a turn and her timing seemed off during her sexy rhumba. Her split was impressive though, and she always seemed to play the part of the dance. I’ll miss that.

My favorite dance of the week was Mario and Karina’s fun little Latin number. Mario can really move his hips, and Karina looked incredible in that yellow outfit, what there was to it. They got straight nines for their effort for a total of 27, but still couldn’t topple the powerhouse couple of the season – Kristi and Mark. They earned a 29 for their tantalizing rhumba.

All the dancing this week was good, but one thing is bugging me. The judges seem mesmerized by Jason Taylor and Edyta, no matter what they do. Don’t get me wrong, Jason is a strong dancer, but I thought Cristian’s rhumba was actually better. He moved the whole time, had incredible hip action, and it flowed from movement to movement. In contrast, Jason seems to have a pattern of extending his arm in poses, while Edyta dances about him, which I’m sure is the choreography that Edyta creates. Yes, his extensions are beautiful, but I don’t think the level of difficulty is the same as it was for Cristian’s dance or Marissa’s dance. Yet, the judges gave Jason three nines, to outscore Cristian and Marissa. I’m baffled.

The inspiration for the night was Marlee. The samba is a difficult dance with fast beats, hard for a normal person, let alone someone who is deaf. She slipped a couple times and was off the timing, but the dance looked great to me. I don’t have a professional eye to watch every foot placement, but she entertained and sometimes that’s just as important.

I was thrilled for Marissa and Tony this week. She really worked it during the fast-paced samba. The judges said it was Marissa’s best routine, but the scores didn’t reflect that. They gave her triple eights, the same score as last week. Strange, right?

I still think the finale is going to come down to Kristi and Jason. And as much as I like Jason, I’m hoping a female claims the mirror-ball trophy this year.


Anonymous said...

I don't get why they love Jason's dancing so much either. I think it's b/c he's so big and has never danced before. They see him as someone who is truly an amateur.

Bec said...

Jason is my fav for this season. Edyta is my favorite dancer too, I would love to see her win that disco ball trophy!

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