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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idol Chatter: Can David Cook do any wrong?

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

When we heard that the Idols would be singing selections from the songbook of Mariah Carey, we were nervous. We thought that this was unfair to the ladies. We were right. The night totally favored the guys. The girls could do nothing but sound like karaoke.

The night started off with David Archuleta. While you all know that David Archuleta is not our favorite Idol contestant, he did perform as well as he could. Although, we have a growing concern that David is sounding more and more like an adult contemporary artist. Tread these waters carefully, David, you need to show that you can be a main pop sensation. Even if he wins American Idol, which we doubt, he will not have a long-standing pop career if he sings like that. Remember Taylor Hicks?

Carly, you finally wore some sleeves! We think the judges were hard on Carly. She performed well. We do agree with the judges on one point though. She doesn’t seem very confident. Go for it Carly! She has the chops to deliver, if she would let herself go. Out of all the girls, she is the only one that we think could do justice to a Mariah Carey song, and while she did OK, she could have done better. She looked good last night too!

Kristy Lee and Syesha both delivered mediocre performances, which in a way is not their fault. Singing a Mariah song is not easy. Mariah is a pop icon that is still churning out number one hits. It’s hard for the ladies not to be judged harshly against the original. We still feel like Kristy has a bad attitude, which is what brings her down in our eyes.

Now, on to Brooke. Poor Brooke. Sometimes we feel like yelling to her "Get a grip!" She lets herself get caught up in these way-too emotional songs. She did her best, but Brooke is vulnerable tonight.

As for the big finish with Jason and David Cook, let us preface this by saying that everyone knows how much we love David Cook. But, he went beyond our expectations. Way beyond! We love him! After his performance he was very emotional. His family was in the audience, including his brother who is suffering from cancer, and the judges lavished David with praise. What a great moment for him. Out of all the contestants, he is by far the most talented and ready to put out a record. Lets hope that he can stay around.

Jason Castro had a hard task ahead of him when he followed David Cook and closed the show. Jason did an OK job. He made the song his own, and that is a plus for us. But we think Jason is starting to sound the same on every song. Watch that Jason.

We think the ladies are all vulnerable. But after last week, we obviously can't predict anything. So, we will all have to wait until tonight and find out who will be sent home. It better not be David Cook!

Enjoy this encore performance of "Always Be My Baby."


marie said...

god he is hot!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Marie!

Bec said...

Bethany and I are with you both for sure on this one. He is YUMMY!

Tim said...

I would like to plead for some sanity among the voting public. Can we all not recognize that David Archuletta is a one trick pony??? The guy does one thing - he sings slow, depressing ballads. To be fair, sometimes he gets funky and throws in a slow, inspirational, uplifting anthem. The guy can't and won't go outside of that comfort zone.

Can we PLEASE stop the madness with this kid???

Bec said...

Tim, I am in complete agreement with you on that one. I just don't see what the BIG DEAL is with Archie???

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