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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tube News

It’s been some times since I’ve done a news roundup, but interesting TV tidbits are popping up all over the ‘net, and I wanted to share. Here we go.

James Van Der Beek on How I Met Your Mother
Former Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek is scheduled to guest on How I Met Your Mother in the upcoming Robin Sparkles episode, according to E!Online. The Beek is rumored to be a crush of Ms. Sparkles. Hmmm, I would have taken Robin for more of the Pacey type, myself.

Eddie Cibrian to star on Ugly Betty
One of my favorite TV stars is set to guest for three episodes on Ugly Betty in a role that could continue into next season. Eddie Cibrian, or as I prefer to call him, “Dimples,” is allegedly signed on as a love interest for Betty’s sister, Hilda. (Lucky girl.) Cibrian will play Justin’s gym teacher, according to TV Guide. If this means Dimples will be running around in gym shorts, then I’m for it.

Las Vegas creator headed to Knight Rider
Regular readers know my love for Las Vegas boss Gary Scott Thompson, so I’m somewhat excited that he’s been tapped as executive producer of the new Knight Rider series. (According to TV Guide.) I watched the pilot movie on NBC previously this year, and I was bitterly disappointed. Hopefully, Thompson can make the show worth watching or at least give K.I.T.T. something more to do.

Derek Hough of Dancing With the Stars sent to hospital
Dancer Derek Hough was taken by ambulance from the set of Dancing With the Stars yesterday, for what was later diagnosed as a strained neck, according to E!Online. Hough was rehearsing with his sister and fellow pro Mark Ballas when he was injured. Hough was back for the live show Tuesday night and removed his neck brace for the live show. He did not dance Tuesday night.

Simon Baker signed on for new CBS show
It’s a good week for news on all my favorite TV boyfriends. Simon Baker, who I’ve been crushing on since The Guardian, has signed on to the upcoming CBS show The Mentalist. Baker will play a guy who has a heightened sense of observation that he uses to solve crimes. No word yet on whether he’ll be using his yummy Aussie accent for the role.


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