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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Idol Chatter: G’bye Carly, Irish eyes everywhere are cryin'

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

OK, we will admit, there are times when we are wrong. And yesterday was one of those times.

We thought for sure that Jason Castro or Brooke White would be saying good-bye, but we were wrong, REALLY wrong. We, in no way thought that Carly Smithson would be sent home yet. We thought she would make it to the final four. This goes to show that you cannot predict American Idol. Some say it is rigged, while others think that it was OK for her to get the boot, since she has had a prior recording career.

Regardless, it just amazes us that Carly was dismissed before Jason Castro. We, at one point, really liked Jason. But his attitude over the last few weeks has been going down hill. He was downright rude last night.

We don't expect everyone to be enamored by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but the guy is a musical genius, and Jason was so rude to him that it just really peeved us. He acted like he could have cared less to even be there! If you want to be a professional, act like one. Maybe Jason thinks he is too cool to be coached by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Can you say man diva?

Hence Carly is gone, and we believe that Syesha is a dark horse in this. We were wowed by her performance again last night.

Two last tidbits that have been bothering us. Could Brooke bite her lips anymore? Give it a rest Brooke. We have had it with the poor-me routine. Get a grip. Then, Brooke stated to Ryan last night and the night before that she had not messed up before. This is a little weird, considering that we could have sworn she had…. remember when she flubbed the beginning of "Every Breath You Take?" Take a look at the clip and tell us what you think? Or should we just not go there?

Next week it is down to the final five. The season finale is right around the corner!


bob said...

Am I the only one who is wondering why Castro is still there? HELLO????

Bethany said...

no i am with you on that one bob. i still cant believe it.

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP, you morons. Jason Castro is one of the gems of this season. Tube Talk chick, I watched the same show, and there is NO WAY he dissed Webber--what the frak are you talking about? Jason was ill this week (though didn't use it as an excuse, as others have done). But still, Carly HAD TO GO after that abomination. Wow, it was just bad, awful garbage.

Jason Castro has, to sound trite, remained true to himself and the music style that suits him. No, not every song or genre is in his wheelhouse, but the Beatles certainly weren't Archuleta's cup of tea, either, were they? So just stop with the Jason bashing and enjoy his wholesome, breath-of-fresh air spirit while we still have him. He's a champion, unlike you losers who do nothing but complain.

Bec said...

Whoa anonymous slow down, and dont go calling us morons for stating an opinion. As much as I disagree with you, I won't go calling you names. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion.

bob said...

yea his wholesome breath of fresh air is pot you smell anonymous.

he stunk.

bob said...

and who is the loser complaining by the way?
you are the one doing all the negative hateful complaining. Get a life.

bethany said...

well anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion. but i am curious to know why you hide behind the anonymous post? someone who is so bold should be willing to show their name.

kelli in ny said...

You know what, the ladies at tube talk have always been a fan of Jason's if you have actually read the previous columns. I, and many others, were dissapointed in how Jason was acting this week too. He wasnt a champion he just complained, like you do.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on! anyone who says that Jason was a "champion" and blah blah blah is full of it.

Yes he is unique and has talent, but the only reason he has stayed on the show for so long is because he is sweet to look at, not because he is so wonderfully talented!
It is the same thing week after week after week with him. He is pleasant but he acted like it was a waste of his time to even have to sit through the mentoring session with Webber. Come on, I dont like the guy that much either but show some respect! Obviously Jason's fans arent very respectful either!

Rachel said...

I have liked Jason from the beginning. I think his voice is great and he is really mellow...but I want to plug my ears when he's getting interviewed...it's almost painful to watch and hear. Oh well...he'll probably go next week anyway (if Brooke doesn't go) but I don't think we need to worry about him or Carly...they'll both have a career regardless I think. and BTW I think you ladies give very reasonable opinions and I don't think you're morons!

tara said...

it takes a moron to know a moron.

i hate it when people leave mean spirited negative comments, when this is just suppose to be fun.

loosen up a bit dude, castro is hot yes, but he isnt that great!

Now David Cook is AWESOME!!!!

tara said...

and shut up isn't a very nice phrase...

bob said...

the only stupid moron around here is the anonymous person who keeps on calling oterhs airheads and morons.

it is american idol, so what, who cares if castro was the greatest thing on earth next to god! it is a tv show, GET A LIFE!

BTW he isnt going to win anyway.

tube talk girl said...

OK. It's time to step in here.

I certainly believe in free speech, but I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to allow personal attacks on the guest columnists or other posters. And yes, calling someone a "moron" is a personal attack. Ultimately, this is my Web site, and I have veto power to delete comments that are not appropriate.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you disagree with what I write, what Becky, Bethany or Ashley write, then please feel free to state that in the comments and give your opinion. We welcome a good debate. But I will not tolerate name-calling or personal attacks. Please be advised that any such comments will be deleted from here on out.

This is a place for fun and intelligent conversation, not school-yard bullying.

OK, the lecture is over. Please resume your regularly scheduled chatter. In other words, play nice, or your comments will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Isn't everyone gonna pile on Jason after the Neil Diamond episode? I mean, drunken Paula was so pre-disposed to trash him, she ripped into his 2nd song before he'd even SUNG it! Can't everyone see how the judges pre-plan who they want to persuade the voters to eliminate each week? It's such a farce, and yet lapdog viewers just slurp it up like the vomit it is.

tera said...

anonyomous you have some issues.

Anonymous said...

You go Tera!

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