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Monday, April 07, 2008

Sneak peek at Gossip Girl’s new episode

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Hey there Gossip Girl followers.

The show doesn’t return until April 21 with five new episodes, but I’ve got an early look and some scoop from the first episode, titled “The Blair Bitch Project.” (Clever, right?)

It seems that Queen Blair has been ousted from her perch of ruling the teenage masses on the upper East Side, as she returns to school. Meanwhile, Serena tries to adjust to living with her new step-brother, Chuck. (I doubt there’ll be many XOXOs going on in that household.) And then there’s Jenny, whose desire to be popular makes her go down the wrong path.

Here are some early photos of the episode, courtesy of the CW network. Enjoy!

Gossip Girl returns at 8 p.m on the CW on April 21.


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