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Friday, April 25, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Happy Birthday Betty!

by Ashley Gouveia

Ugly Betty returned to the tube last night with its first post-strike episode. Yay! What better way to celebrate than with Betty’s 24th birthday? She was all ready with her new bedazzled phone, courtesy of Justin, to spend a romantic weekend with her boy, Henry. But, of course, Henry’s baby’s mama had other plans.

Charlie returned in full baby bloom and successfully got Henry to cancel his b-day plans with Betty. Henry is either way too nice or just really naïve. I had hoped he might see through Charlie’s façade, but I was disappointed. It didn’t help that Hilda went over to tell Charlie about Henry and Betty’s special night. Although it was great to see the old butt-kickin’ Hilda make Charlie squirm with her long acrylic nails.

Even though Henry couldn’t make it, that didn’t stop a newly head-shaven Gio (love it!) from trying to make the day memorable. I thought that was adorable how he knew that a horse and carriage would be something she would like. I was seeing the sparks, and I’m not talking about the ones they saw on the way to the park. The writers are really setting up this triangle.

I knew I wasn’t going to go through an episode of this show without laughing out loud. Marc’s “I want you” comments toward Daniel were nothing but hysterical. I know what you mean, Marc. But stay away from my man! Amanda wearing a KISS t-shirt to promote her daddy’s celebrity was classic Mandy. Although, there was so much in this episode there was barely enough Amanda in it. But the little moments she did have were hilarious, like when she was listening in to Betty and Henry’s phone conversation.

It seemed like Daniel was too wrapped up in his love life to remember Betty’s birthday. Through the whole episode I was saying, “Come on, Daniel,” think about it. It was great to see that he didn’t completely forget and got her a gift a while back. Was I the only one who wanted to know what he got her? He’s given her some pretty good gifts in the past, like her business cards and the Guadalajara tickets. Maybe it was a deleted scene we’ll have to wait to see on the DVD.

Is it possible that there is a crazier or more evil person in Wilhelmina’s family? It looks like Renee is a little obsessive with men. Christina thinks she’s strange. Well, seeing next week’s preview, that is an understatement. Watch out Betty! ‘Till next week.

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