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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Idol Chatter: Say good-Bye Brooke, Say Good-Bye

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Last night, it was Brooke’s turn to say good-bye. And while we really like Brooke and think she seems to be a sweet, wholesome, girl, it was her time to go. Actually, she probably should have left us days ago, but she hung on one more week.

Brooke is a very talented musician, but her style just isn't mainstream music. And there is also that small fact that she just can't handle the pressure, and cracks at every corner. We are sad to see that her time is up, but there can only be one Idol, and it just wasn't Brooke White. Let's hope Brooke stays Brooke and that she can find some niche in the music business that will give her success.

Next week the top four compete. In our opinion, it is going to come down to David C. and David A., but it is a toss-up over which one will actually take the prize. Who do you think the next American Idol will be?


AMT from wv said...

I liked Brooke but it was her time.

Tim said...

David A. has got to go! Why, oh why, doesn't the rest of America get the fact that this kid is a lame-o who has ZERO potential as a mainstream artist? And while we're asking rhetorical questions, why does his annoying stage-dad continue to wear that ridiculous hat??

That guy gives me the creeps, and that hat...

Bec said...

I sometimes wonder if his dad is living vicariously through him.....You have to understand Tim, that Archies fan base is the under 15 and over 60 crowd. I can't even watch him talk, he makes me nervous. But much to our dismay he will probably either win it or be the 1st runner up.

Tim said...

I've decided I don't care who wins. Syesha gave outstanding performances the last two weeks and ends up in the botom two, yet Jason Castro mumbles through a couple of half-hearted attempts and remains safe? Please!

I'll just wait on David Cooke's (next) album to come out.

Bec said...

Yep, that is exactly how Bethany and I feel, our sentiments exactly!

I will guarantee this though, David Cook will put out one heck of a good album and he will do AWESOME, he is the total package.

ant from wv said...

Sinc Brooke is gone David C. is my favorite, too.

Roca said...

Hey girls!!

What the heck is going on with this show? I leave for vacation for a month and it seems like a conspiracy plot has been put in place to take out my favorite contestants!! It is personal, I can feel it! lol... I hope it doesn't keep up, or David C would be next!

Paranoia apart, I just got caught up with the last few episodes and was sad to see Carly and Brooke go, I still think they are better than Jason and Syesha, I don’t know, I feel like she’s screaming the songs out and trying to do some sort of Whitney impersonation, but I guess that’s just me. My top 4 is no longer possible (David A and C, Carly and Brooke), I just hope we get the two Davids in the finale and that Cook kicks Archuleta’s butt in the end.


Anonymous said...

For the love of granola, can we put Syesha out of her misery next week, please??

Archuleta's stock has fallen greatly, because he has really begun to sing everything the same. He had one impressive early performance ("Imagine") and has been coasting on it ever since. Sorry, kid, you're nice and all...but not the next AI. In a surprise upset, I'm going with the hottest guy in this field from Day 1: Jason Castro. What a doll.

Tim said...

Yes, because this is a competition to name the hottest singer.

It's a singing competition, and Jason is the worst singer left of the bunch. He's put no effort into the performance for the last two weeks, at least. He just mumbles his little Jack Johnson impersonation and flashes his blue eyes at the camera.

Give me a break.

Bec said...

roca it is good to see you back, yes the show has definately fallen by the wayside since you've been gone.

And I agree Tim, but if it were a HOTTEST singer competition Michael Johns would have won hands down.

I am getting tired of the whole Jason Castro is Mr. Wonderful thing. Yes he is ok, but he isn't finalist material, just my opinion though.

Roca said...

Hey Bec!

Thanks, it's good to be back!

So who do you think is next Syesha or

See ya next week!! :)

PS: I wrote on my blog about Michael Rosenbaum leaving Smallville and linked to you girls here, hope it's ok?! :)

Bec said...

Roca, That is great about the link, it is nice to see some love!

I hope Syesha stays on, a girl thing ya know, Jason should go, he should have went last week instead of Carly but the Idol gods had other plans!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Are you ugly, or just jealous?

Love, Jason

kelli in ny said...

you know what anonymous, take your insults and crap elsewhere ok.

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