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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ted Mosby is a jerk.com

I admit it. I took the bait.

On Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, within minutes of the mere mention of the Web site http://www.tedmosbyisajerk.com/ by one of Barney’s crazy ex-one-night stands, I hit the ‘net to see if it was indeed a real site. Of course, it was. I expect no less from the entertaining folks that bring us this show.

The site made me howl. It has funny portraits of “Ted,”a catchy background song that explains the entire ordeal, and the letter he left the girl so he wouldn’t have to talk to her again.

For those of you who don’t understand why the site doesn’t read www.barneystinsonisajerk.com, well, it goes a little like this. Notorious womanizer Barney told a woman his name was Ted Mosby and that he was an architect. Needless to say, things didn’t end well, and she launched a Web site to tell the world that he’s a cad.

In addition to this fun interactive Web site, last night’s episode rocked from top to bottom. Barney’s 64-bracket game to chose the “final four” ladies who could be out to ruin him was hysterical.

But one of the highlights of the show for me was Robin pretending to be Barney’s date. I’ve said it before, CBS, please put these two together at the end of this journey. They have off-the-charts chemistry, more than anyone on the show. (Sorry Lily and Marshall fans.)

Unfortunately, we never did find out who the blonde was who was warning ladies to stay away from Barney. I think this show is getting as bad as Lost when it comes to giving us answers. But, the final minutes of the show made up for any anger I had.

In what can only be described as brilliant, the final shot had Barney sitting at his computer, typing, as familiar music played in the background. (Well, familiar if you were ever a fan of the show Doogie Howser, M.D., of which Neil Patrick Harris starred.) He typed his journal thoughts and even did his trademark “Doogie” mannerisms. Of course, he was all Barney, as he typed, “I’m awesome.”

I couldn’t agree more.


Anonymous said...

So much better than Friends, with a much more likable cast of characters. I mean how adorable is Lilly, come on!
With the exception of a little 90s sitcom about nothing, this would be the best show ever!

David said...

I took the bait, too. The Web hits at the site were past half a million when I was there.

Great post, Jennifer!

obxrulz said...

I've always liked Robin and Barney together, too. She could but "Aunt Robin" and he could be "Uncle Barney." I think it could still happen, too.

Anonymous said...

best episode ever

Victoria said...


check it out

DeAnn said...

So awesome. thanks for this!

Oh, how I love Barney.

Symbolic said...

Just watched the episode, found it hillarious, cracked my brother and I up pretty much all way through whole thing, anyways, i also checked out the site, and found it, to say the least quite an amusing addition into what seemed to be a great comdey script.

The reason i reply, is someone stated the site had over half a million hits, I also noticed this, but as i have some background in web-design, i further investigated.

My conclusion was this, for either appearing more authentic/drawing out the drama, or further amusing aspects. The actual site counter, has its counter starting numerical value at 510005. which; including my visit, puts the site at about 14 hits, as it was on 510019.

Tom said...

The counter actually resets itself o as to not take it into the millions, when Ted specificially stated in the episode that it got 400,000 hits. Which, is weird. I would have thought that to maintain continuity, the counter would reset itself somewhere BEFORE 400,000 (since it's 2030 Ted that's telling his kids that it reached 400,000... so it would have to be less than that [but only slightly] NOW).

Anyways, it's certainly got more than 14 hits. Especially since when I just visited, it read 510008, and that was five months after your visit that read 510019.

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