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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Veronica Mars, the final season?

The future of Veronica Mars looks bleak, as two major news outlets reported this week that it’s likely that the show won’t be renewed for next year.

First, Stephen Battaglio, at TV Guide, reported that “Veronica Mars will likely solve her final case this spring.” Then, USA Today reported that, “cult fave Veronica Mars is on its last legs.”

I know it’s not shocking news that Veronica Mars is fighting to stay on the air. I’ve written numerous columns through the years about the brilliantly clever noir show and its ratings woes, in an effort to garner more viewers. I had hoped the CW would give it at least one more season, and I’m not losing faith yet.

Hey, if Hurley, on Lost, can jump-start a rusty, weed-filled VW bus, with nothing more than wishes and hope, then I can muster some optimism that my favorite TV sleuth will get another season.


Wendy said...

These in-the-know prognosticators never say where they're getting their information. I saw that thing in TV Guide and immediately sent an email to him asking what the basis is for the statement. We'll see if he ever responds. Didn't see USA Today but it just frosts my butt that these predictions are made at precisely the point when viewers should not be discouraged. It's the equivalent of predictions of low voter turnout; people tend to live up to whatever is being seen in the crystal ball. VM is one of the few shows I watch religiously anymore and it will be beyond sad if it is cancelled.

tazjt said...

I hope it's not the last season as this continues to be on my must-see viewing!

Like Wendy said, I don't know where these folks get their information. None of the shows on the CW have stellar ratings, so who's to say this great show won't get another chance?

I'll hang in to the bitter in!

Anonymous said...

I hope Veronica Mars doesnt go because it is one of the few really well written, well acted shows on all tv. I think its the best drama of the past few years (including Lost or Greys Anatomy) and it never insults the viewer. A great show that deserves a better chance. Why cant the major networks make a show this good? If CW dumps it, someone else would be smart to pick it up. Remember JAG anyone?

tube talk girl said...

You all make EXCELLENT points. I'm not giving up, until I see something from the CW.

As for another network picking it up, I'd like to say it has a shot. (It did happen with JAG.) But, in the past with shows that had mediocre ratings,i.e. Invasion at 8 million, other networks seem hesitant to jump on board. And Veronica is no where near 8 million in ratings, so someone like CBS picking up a show that gets 2-3 million viewers is a long shot, I think.

Keep the faith, people. I read somewhere that Rob Thomas gave the show a 60/40 chance of returning. I'm coming down on the 60 percent side!

teenage dirtbag said...

i love veronica mars.
i hate cw. its ruining all my favorite shows.

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