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Friday, March 30, 2007

Actor Todd Bridges isn’t dead: “What you talking ‘bout Willis?”

Despite what you’ve heard, actor Todd Bridges isn’t dead.

In fact, he’s alive and kicking on the CW show Everybody Hates Chris, where he plays an eccentric war veteran.

Bridges, a child star on the 1970s sitcom Different Strokes, is currently battling rumors that he died, according to People magazine.

Apparently, a New York Radio station reported that Shawn Bridges, a truck driver who was in a documentary about drug addiction, died after a long illness. An Internet gossip site then erroneously reported that Todd Bridges had died of a drug-related death.

The truth is that Bridges has been sober for the past 14 years and travels the country speaking to schoolchildren about the dangers of drug use.

Sadly, his Different Strokes costar Dana Plato did die of a drug overdose in 1999.


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