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Monday, March 12, 2007

Veronica Mars fans wanted for special DVD feature


Veronica Mars fans, I hope you’re sitting down. If not, grab a chair, because this news is big.

You may get the chance to be included in a special feature on the season three Veronica Mars DVD set.

The executives at Veronica Mars are producing a special “fan feature” segment for the upcoming DVD and need your help.

“We’re looking for video of you (plus a friend or two is OK, too) telling us about your passion for all things Veronica,” said Alex Mercer, who is heading up the project.

“Just set a camera up, fill the frame with yourself, (and your friends, if they’re in it with you) and tell us about how you feel about Veronica Mars," he said. "We’ll pick the best ones to include on the official Season three DVD.”

Those submitting tapes are also encouraged to ask questions on the tapes, Mercer said. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking, but fans shouldn’t feel the need to follow this guide or ask these specific questions. (Think outside the box. That’s what Veronica would do.)

--How and when did you first discover Veronica Mars?
--What is it about Veronica Mars and her band of cohorts that excites you?
--Was there a particular moment that got you hooked on the show?
--What keeps you tuning in?
--Who is your favorite character and why? Least favorite character?
--What Veronica Mars related stories do you have? Anything that is related to Veronica Mars in your life.
--What are your favorite lines from the show?
--Can you do a character imitation?
--Have you had interaction with other fans?

And if fans have a question they're dying to ask Rob Thomas, then go for it, Mercer said. For example, “Hey, Rob. Why is Veronica so mean in Season 3?”

Who knows? If you have what the show honchos are looking for, you could end up on the season three DVD set, forever a part of the Veronica Mars legacy. Of course, I’ll have to collect a 10-percent finder’s fee for alerting you to this really cool deal. (Relax, Alex. I’m kidding.)

As for the technical requirements, Mercer and his team are looking for the highest quality videos they can get.

“This means original tapes are best; MiniDV is best of all,” Mercer said. “Standard-Def is better than High Def, for this particular project. We don’t want DVD’s; they are too compressed. The biggest issue will be sound. Make sure you have good audio. Shoot in a quiet environment.”

Here are some other technical guidelines, according to Mercer:

“We cannot have anything in the frame that is trademarked,” he said. “That means no art work in the background, no logos on clothing, no recognizable brand-name products, no music (unless you wrote it and give us permission to use it) and no video clips of the show. (We will put those in ourselves.)”

Legally, the Mars folks have the right to refuse any submissions they receive, and anyone who appears in the video must sign a release that Mercer will provide.

For information on where to send your tape and to get a release, contact alex@slaverats.com.

The deadline for tape submissions is April 6, 2007.

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big tuna said...

Wow. That sounds really cool. OK, I'm off to make a tape. Hollywood, here I come!

rowanceleste said...

If only I loved how I look in pictures or didn't care that I usually look like a dork! Damn. It's great that VM fans can share the love though as this is still the only show that I consider a 'MUST WATCH' live.

tube talk girl said...

Rowanceleste, you should send something in. Vanity be damned.We all can't look like Veronica. Variety is the spice of life. This is a chance to be a part VMARS history!

Anonymous said...

Oy. As if I want to see other VM fans talking about the show on the freaking DVD...isn't that what message boards are for?

Sorry to sound like a jerk, but I want features like director/cast episode commentary and more deleted scenes/bloopers, not pointless cutesy "we <3 fans, yay" filler.

tube talk girl said...

"Anonymous" ...don't be so quick to judge the extras yet.We may get the cast commentaries, bloopers, etc. that everyone wants, that hasn't been announced yet. But, in addition, the fans get to be included in the DVD. The fact that fans can talk about the show and ask questions to Rob and the cast and perhaps have the actors answer them on camera is a pretty cool idea and a real nod at how much the execs appreciate the cult following.

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