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Monday, March 26, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy doctors like cocktails

The mystery of why the doctors at Seattle Grace act so absurd has been solved. Yes, they’re innately flawed individuals, but let’s talk about their real problem; they’re all drunks.

Look, I’m not judging. I’m merely stating a fact. It’s no secret that Meredith’s former best friend was a bottle of tequila, a joke her co-workers continue to crack. Joe’s Bar is where she heads when things get tough. And she’s not alone. We’ve also seen Callie, Alex, Addison, Mark, Derek, Cristina, Izzie and George take out their frustrations on a shot glass of booze.

How they practice medicine after tossing back tequila in massive quantities is a conundrum in itself. Personally, I wouldn’t want my doctor performing surgery when bourbon is reeking from his pores. (Yes, George, I’m talking to you.) At least Addison had the good sense to take the day off when she knew she needed to tie one on. (Remember her day of wallowing at Joe’s Bar with liquor and muffins, after she discovered Meredith’s unmentionables in Derek’s jacket pocket?)

The point is, these doctors make foolish choices after engaging in their favorite past time i.e. binge drinking. The latest couple to get wasted and stupid is George and Izzie. After their hookup, my reaction was much like the rest of America, “Ewwww.” I’m mad at George for cheating on Callie. I’m mad at Izzie for giving in to her loneliness. And I’m mad that on this show, men and women just can’t seem to be friends, if alcohol is involved. Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Izzie and George suddenly have romantic feelings toward one another. I think their judgment was impaired. Obviously.

Here’s my prescription for the doctors at Seattle Grace. Take two aspirin and lay off the hooch.


Anonymous said...

You really don't see how they could have had these romantic feelings out of no-where?

Go back and watch season 2 AND season 3...It's been happening for...for forever!

Maybe you just haven't watched those seasons and are just now jumping into Grey's anatomy or maybe you just started watching in the middle of Season 3 but trust me, I've watched since it started and It's been building up for a looooooong time and for this Grey's fan...It's been a long time coming.

tube talk girl said...

Hey "anonymous!" Thanks for stopping by.

Really, their feelings have been building "forever?" I have watched since the beginning and honestly, never saw it coming.

I always thought George was crushing on Meredith, not Izzie. I don't remember an episode where George and Izzie were building a romantic relationship.Best friends, absolutely, but nothing more. Which specific episodes are you referring to?

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