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Friday, March 23, 2007

Max Greenfield guests on Ugly Betty

Remember Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars?

He wasn’t exactly a smoldering ladies’ man. Sure, actor Max Greenfield was sweet in the part, but he was no match for Logan or Duncan for Veronica’s affection.

Fast forward to last night’s episode of Ugly Betty, when Alexis’ sexy new assistant walked into the scene. I did a brief double take before realizing it was Deputy Leo, er, Max Greenfield, looking like the “after” in a celebrity makeover. Sporting a spikey new ‘do and designer threads, he seems poised to give Daniel Meade some competition for the ladies. (Someone should drop a dime to Veronica and let her know about Dep. Leo 2.0.)

If you missed last night’s Ugly Betty, you missed one of the best lines of the week on the tube. As Tube Talk Girl, I feel it’s my duty to share the laugh. Betty was pretending to be Marc’s girlfriend at a family dinner, so his mother wouldn’t find out he was gay. During the awkward meal, Betty confided to Marc the absurdity of the situation: “I keep waiting for Mr. Roper to show up.”

Betty Suarez watches Three’s Company. I love it! And I love this show.

(Here's a photo of Deputy Leo from his Veronica Mars days.)


neptune freak said...

Thank you! It was bugging me who he was. Clothes and a haircut really make a diff. He's HOT.

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