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Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol Recap: Ladies Night Part 2

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Last night, folks, was another ladies night. Did they wow us like they did last week?

Lakisha sure did! That girl can sing anything and sing it great. She should just leave Idol and sign a record deal some place RIGHT NOW. Also doing well, was Jordin, Sabrina, Melinda, and Stephanie.

On a lousy note, Antonella’s performance was terrible. Was it the stress of all the news media’s interest in her scantily clad pictures, or is it just the fact that she really can’t sing that well? Even her attitude was bad! Hopefully, she will be going home tonight.

And we would like to bring attention to the fact that there is no comparison between Gina and Carrie Underwood. What was Paula thinking? Carrie is such a higher level than Gina Glockson, and for anyone to suggest that you could even compare the two just because they both sang a Heart song is outrageous. Were they even listening to the same show? Gina needs to get over herself.

Haley and Alaina’s performances weren’t great either. One of them, if not both will be going home tonight. That’s our fearless prediction. Until tomorrow!


we watch idol said...

It stinks that Antonella is still there, she has no "real" talent!

Anonymous said...

Paula hasn't said anything nice about Carrie U. since the night Simon C. made his prediction about Carrie winning.

flower child said...

I love Carrie, What was up with Kelli last night, her new "additions" looked nice, but her face made her look like an old woman!

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