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Friday, March 02, 2007

American Idol Recap: Elimination Night

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

And then there were 16.

A.J., Nick, Alaina, and Leslie were all sent packing last night, and even though we knew they weren’t the best of the best…..THE WHOLE THING IS JUST WRONG!

We knew that Alaina’s days were numbered, but to send home Leslie, over Antonella, or even Haley, is just crazy! And the whole Sanjaya and A.J. thing was just bizarre. Out of the two, the one with the most talent was sent home.

We’re sure that Antonella Barba and Sanjaya Malakar are nice kids, really, but come on people; this is a SINGING competition, not a popularity contest. Even the judges were baffled by the vote. And if it is such a “family,” show why is Antonella still there? We all know it’s her in those scandalous pictures circulating around the Internet.

We’re going to have to get out our phones and start voting next week. Enough is enough.

Here’s a thought: How about a number where you could call to vote someone off, i.e. “The tribe has spoken.” Wait. Wrong show. Oh well, you get the picture. Pick up your phones America. This madness must end.

Until then…


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!
I always wished we could call to vote out instead of voting for.
I'm so there with you on your opinions on the contestants as well!

Anonymous said...

I am from the part of the world where Sanjaya's family is from and so was hoping he would do well. Well he is - but honestly, he sucks. I can't believe he has got this far. What's wrong with the ones that vote. He has NO talent and really he sucks. He made Barba look good and she is really bad. I just hate to think he is taking the place of someone who should be there and is good. When he said he was shocked - If he had any honor he should have said - STOP - I should be kicked out and let the other guy go thru - he was better. HONOR ???? whats that right ??? Ahh well he ain't gonna win any way so let's just put up with him and have a good laugh each week.

Bec said...

I agree with both of you. I think that Sanjaya is a really nice kid and I actually feel bad for him, but he just is so out of his league. Maybe next week america will come to their senses and actually vote for people who can be the next "American Idol!"

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