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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Recap: A Night of Flops

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

Here we are into the top eleven, anticipating that it would be an awesome night of singing, right? Wrong.

Last night on American Idol, it was 60’s British Invasion night, which translates into... going to bed early for a change.

The night started off on a bad note. Haley sang OK, and we're sure the guys enjoyed her outfit — or lack there of — but she just doesn’t have “it!” She received some good compliments from the judges, but it’s obvious why she’s staying around; she’s got the guy vote.

Blake and Chris Richardson did well, too. Nothing fabulous, but they aren’t going anywhere. They’ve got the girl vote.

Phil and Stephanie both flopped. Their flames are burning out quickly on the show. If they stay, can they re-ignite their fires? Doubtful.

LaKisha, who usually blows us away, instead put us to sleep. (Nice diamonds though.) And Gina took the rock-n-roll thing way too far.

We reserve the right not to comment on Chris Sligh because, well, we were asleep.

And though we missed Melinda’s performance, according to our co-workers, she was wonderful. We had no doubt that she would be anything less than perfect

The bright spot of the evening was Jordin Sparks. Not only can she sing, but she is beautiful and has such a great onstage personality. She could go all the way. Could.

Of course, we can’t end the post without talking about Sanjaya. He was just recently voted the “Worst Contestant on American Idol to Make it Into the Top 12.” Something we foolhardily agree with. Thankfully, he got rid of those ridiculous curls. His performance was mediocre and manic. What was he smoking before the show? Although, the judges said it was his best so far.

Our pick to go home tonight, should be Sanjaya, but it doesn’t look good for Phil or Stephanie. Until next time…


tube talk girl said...

Tube Talk reader Liz sent me this link that is a fun look at Sanjaya's hairstyle. Take a look: http://tinyurl.com/2vm7v7 Thanks, Liz!

WV Idol Fan said...

That is really funny!

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