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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Smallville wedding: Lex and Lana head to the altar

Photos courtesy of the CW.

You’re invited to a lavish wedding tonight in Smallville, and you don’t need a tux or gown to attend. Just grab your remote.

Lex Luthor and Lana Lang are poised to become Mr. and Mrs. in front of friends, family, and millions of viewers. But this is Smallville, where things often go awry, so if you bought a gift you may want to keep the receipt.

In tonight’s episode, the events leading up to Lex and Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) wedding are told from three points of view: Clark's, Lex's, and Lana's, according to the CW network. This particular storytelling device worked beautifully on Dawson’s Creek, in “The Longest Day,” and I’m sure in the capable hands of the Smallville writers, it will work well, too.

Will Lionel stand up for his son? Will Chloe do a happy dance to see Lana officially off the market? Or will Clark be the Kryptonite that implodes the marriage before it begins?

If that’s not enough to entice you to tune in, check out Lana’s divine wedding dress. That glorious work of art deserves your attention.

Here’s the official description for tonight’s episode from the CW:

On the day of Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) wedding, Lex receives a call from Dr. Langston (guest star Fred Henderson) who threatens to tell Lana the truth about her baby. Lana begins to have second thoughts about marrying Lex, and Clark comes to his own realization that he can't let Lana marry Lex and decides to tell her about his secret. However, no one is prepared for what happens when Lionel Luthor (John Glover) steps in. Erica Durance and Annette O'Toole also star. Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders wrote the episode directed by Rick Rosenthal.Catch Smallville on the CW at 8 p.m. EST.


krypto freak said...

OMG, what a gown. That is beautiful. Thanks, Jen, for posting those pics and the reminder. I forgot it was coming back on tonight!!!

kim said...

Holy frak, this episode was out of control. Lana knows! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I guess we're back to the Clark/Lana angst. Great. Because we haven't had enough of that the last four years.

big tuna said...

Kim, I feel your pain. I thought Clark had finally matured and moved past Lana. Just when you thought he was out, they pulled him back in. Damn them.

ashley said...

That was the worst episode of the season. The Clana was back in full force last night, ugh!!!! The audience was forced to watch their future Superman mope and act like an idiot! That's just great, awesome job Al/Miles!!

Casey said...

Ashley, you're right. I thought we were done with Lana angst. Enough. Maybe now that she's Mrs. Luthor Clark can finally let it go and move on with his destiny. Is that wishful thinking?

Jacklyn said...

Jennifer, what can you tell us about that wedding gown? I'm getting married next summer and love the design.

steph said...

Any news on the creator of Lana's gown?

Bethany said...

I'm with you guys on the gown. Holy moly that was one pretty frock. Jen, let us know if you find out anything, PLEASE!!!! Brides across America want to know.

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