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Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol Recap: The Lovely Ladies

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Let’s hear it for the girls!

The ladies did much, much, MUCH better than then the boring guys. Well, at least some of them did.

Lakisha, Melinda, Sabrina and Jordin all did themselves, the judges, and America proud. And though it may not have been their best performances, they showed us that even on down nights, they can still bring it.

Stephanie and Gina did OK; their performances weren’t spectacular, but they didn’t flop either.

On the other hand, once again we saw Antonella and Haley both take decent songs and put their own — oh how should we put this — “twist” on them.

Now, Hayley, she’s a nice girl and has a decent voice, but she just isn’t going to go much further in this competition. She doesn’t have that Idol “Yo” as Randy puts it.

Antonella, well, she’s a conundrum. She doesn’t even try to act like a “nice girl” on TV. One word comes to mind, but unfortunately we can’t say it here. Our advice for her is that if you want people to like and respect you for more than just being a “good looking” gal, then you need to act like you’re a decent person, not stand there throwing darts at everyone with your eyes and pouting, because the judges tell you that there are other singers in the competition that are better than you. This girl needs to get some class. That’s all there is to it.

As to who may be going home tonight, well, if everyone based their votes on singing talent, Haley and Antonella will be packing up their bags. But, we are a public who is obsessed with looks and beauty, so who knows?

We’ll be back tomorrow to let you know who the top 12 American Idol contestants are. And then, this competition really begins.


punky said...

Antonella NEEDS to go home.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping for the big AXE for Antonella. She can't sing and I wont miss her. What is sad is she will probably make it in some other arena of the wonderful world of Hollywood. As for the guys, pull it together the girls on rolling on past them.

iwatchidol said...

Antonella is gone from idol but now she is on all the news shows pouting b/c her "photos" got out. She wont make it as a singer, She will probably go on another reality tv show like sureal life on VH1 or of course there is playboy, she will be there in no time.

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