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Friday, March 16, 2007

Bravo to re-air past episodes of Friday Night Lights

by Jennifer Squires Biller

If you haven’t met Coach Taylor, Tim Riggins, and the rest of the Friday Night Lights gang, then now is your chance to catch the very first episode and others you’ve missed.

Starting tonight at 7 p.m. EST, the Bravo network will begin showing encore episodes of Friday Night Lights. The network will run the episodes every Friday and Saturday during March and April.

Here is the official press release from Bravo, as well as a link to the network’s Web site where you can get the schedule:

See it for the first time or all over again, beginning with a single episode on Friday, March 16 at 7:00 PM ET, followed by a triple serving beginning Saturday, March 17 at 2:00 PM ET. "Friday Night Lights" on Bravo continues every Friday (one episode at 7:00 PM) and Saturday (three back-to-back episodes beginning at 2:00 PM), culminating on Friday, April 13 at 7:00 PM ET/PT. Catch NBC's season finale on April 11 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

For those of you who don’t get Bravo, you can catch up by watching old episodes online at NBC. The network made a smart move by making past episodes available online, as many TV fans are reluctant to tune in to a show if they’ve missed it from the beginning. Hopefully, the move will pay off, and Friday Night Lights will return to a new crop of viewers when it returns next week.

Before going on spring hiatus, Friday Night Lights hit a series low for ratings (5.13 million.) That’s not good news for those who love this show. Yes, that includes me. Need I remind you of what happened to my beloved Invasion when it was pulling in about 8 million viewers? Or how about Freaks & Geeks? Or Jack & Bobby?

You get the picture. If I’ve scared you, good. I’ll do what I have to do to get you to tell everyone you know about this show. The acting is superb, the plots realistic, the emotion real, and the drama intense.

Please, tell your friends about the greatness that is Friday Night Lights. If they give you this excuse: “I don’t want to watch a show about football.” Then, counter with this. “Hey, it stars the hot bomb guy from Grey’s Anatomy.”

What? These are critical times, Tubers. I’m not above pimping the Kyle Chandler eye candy.

Friday Night Lights returns with new episodes on NBC March 21 at 8 p.m. EST.


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