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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Recap: The Top 12

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Paula’s crying hysterics, contestants forgetting lyrics, and Sanjaya’s hair….what a night for Idol's top 12!

First let us begin by sending a big “THANKS!” out to Magic 106.5’s Jack Logar for putting us on his show this morning. Though, we don’t think we deserve to be called “professionals,” it was fun to be on the radio with Jack. We hope to be doing it more often. (Hint. Hint.)

Now back to Idol recap. The night was just one big disappointment after another.

Of course, LaKisha, and Melinda did awesome jobs, as always. In fact, Melinda did so well, that Paula lost the small grip on reality that she had left. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen waterworks like that. Yes, it was a great performance, but if you had just tuned in at that moment, you would have thought she’d witnessed some kind of second coming or something.

Jordin also did an excellent job. She left us with a nice, warm, cozy feeling. It’s hard to believe she is only 17.

Other than those three, the rest of the evening was a big, fat flop. Brandon, Haley, and Stephanie all forgot their lyrics, and there just wasn’t any pizzazz to the show. Not even Blake, and the two guys named Chris, brought it.

OK, now lets talk Sanjaya – the topic around water coolers everywhere this morning. At first, we were speechless. Then, came the hysterical laughing. And finally, came the “What the heck?”

We have two theories on why Sanjaya changed his hair and went for the curly, ultra-feminine look: Was he trying to channel his inner Diana Ross? Or did the stylists decide to play a joke on him, and everyone was so dumbfounded that they told him, “Hey buddy, nice look!” He had hoop earrings on, people! Stop the madness.

Our prediction for tonight is that Sanjaya should go. But, we’re doubtful that will actually happen. People are voting for him, just to see what he’ll do to his hair next week. So, if Sanjaya doesn’t go, then probably Brandon or Haley will be hitting the road.

We’ll be back tomorrow when the verdict is in.


WV idol fan said...

FUNNY girls!

tube talk girl said...

At least Jack didn't call you a "deeply troubled individual," as he did me!..... It's scary how in tune that guy is. :)

Bec said...

He tried but we put him off just saying we enjoy this form of mindless entertainment. We are all looking forward to the audio link if/when you get it up!

maria said...

I think America is just goofing around with the voting to see if they can make the worst one an "Idol" I wouldn't be suprised if LaKisha or Melinda went. If that happens...I'm done! I'll boycott "Idol" every week

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