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Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol Recap: It’s Boys Night

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

It was a great night for the boys. Everyone, that is, except for Sanjaya.

That poor kid, we know he tries and tries, and he actually does have talent. But, he just isn’t up to the level required for American Idol, yet. Honestly, if you’re going to come out and try to look like Michael Jackson, and sing like Michael Jackson, then you should probably sing a Michael Jackson song. We’re just saying. Instead, his performance was weird. It was a great dedication to his grandfather, but it was a poor song, poor wardrobe, and a poor dancing choice.

Props go out to Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. It’s refreshing to hear and see someone finally singing MODERN songs! Yes, we know there are plenty of old, great hits out there that deserve recognition. But, for once, people are singing good songs and breaking out of the mold where AI contestants pick songs from Billboard’s top 100 hits of the ‘70s.

Way to go Chris for giving the public an AWESOME version of Jason Mraz’s “Geek in The Pink.” He is defiantly in the top 12 for sure. We feel like Sundance, Sanjaya, Nick, AJ and Jarrod are all vulnerable to go home Thursday, but who knows after last week’s debacle?

It was interesting to see the judges and Ryan Seacrest actually getting along, in an odd sort of way. With the exception of his crummy remark to Brandon, about mentioning his dad’s birthday, Simon was even halfway OK for a change. And that picture of Sundance’s son, with the chin hair, was a hilarious way to end the evening.

Tonight’s it’s the girls. Let’s hope that since there are those “questionable” pictures of Antonella going around, maybe the producers will send her home. If not, it’s up to us America, to send her back to Jersey.


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