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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy gets a little McDreamier: Tim Daly guest stars

Photo credit: ABC

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Just when you thought the hallways of Seattle Grace couldn’t get any hunkier, Tim Daly checks into the hospital.

Daly is joining Grey’s Anatomy for a special two-hour episode that may become a spinoff, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As previously reported, the spinoff would star sexy, stiletto-clad Dr. Addison Montgomery (actress Kate Walsh) and sexy — minus the stilettos — Taye Diggs.

Daly’s character is described as "handsome, sincere, like a McDreamy," according to The Hollywood Reporter. So, I’m guessing since he’s “sincere,” he’ll be the direct opposite of Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan, who — while certainly handsome — hasn’t exactly been a paragon of morals, sincerity and virtuosity.

Whoever is in charge of this Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, isn’t playing fair. First, they lure us in with one of Grey’s most exciting characters, Addison. Then, they taunt us further with the addition of Diggs. Now, they’ve pretty much sealed the deal that we must watch, by adding the talented and delicious Daly to the mix.

Who’s next? Joshua Jackson? Keri Russell? Rob Lowe? John Stamos? ABC, whomever the casting genius is who’s snagging actors such as Eric Dane, Walsh, Diggs and Daly, they deserve a pay raise. I usually hate spinoffs, but I’m already on board with this one, before it even airs.

Daly hasn’t had the best track record recently, though, when it comes to hit TV shows. His last two dramas Eyes and The Nine didn’t garner large enough ratings to stay on the air, despite widespread critical acclaim.

But I’m not worried about this newest venture. ABC has made this new spinoff, or at least the two-hour special, requisite viewing for any longstanding Grey’s and TV addict. Daly has fans. Me, being one of them. Yes, I still have a crush on Joe Hackett, even though he’s left his Wings far behind him.


beckyfrum said...

See I love Tim Daly too, I am a huge Wings fan, always wanted he and Helen to live happily ever after, but again, let them all be part of one cast, NO NEED for two different shows, my DVR is so overworked anyhow. Taye Diggs can be McWonderful, Tim Daly can be McFabulous and we can all be happy, all while watching the same show. By the way Jen, hopes things are good with you, you know I love ya, my little sis, and always wish nothing but the best for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy very often, but if they put someone real lovable on it like Keri Russell I would become a devoted fan!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such great news! Tim is such a terrific actor. He should always be doing something on TV or the movies! McFabulous, no fooling!!

tube talk girl said...

I couldn't agree more about Tim needting to be on our TV's. My friend "lawgirl 98" tells me he's the voice of Superman in the animated series. I had no idea! But, still, it's good to get more than justh is voice.

Joe B. said...

Both Glen Quagmire and Glen Abbott (Family Guy, The Winner) have a special love for Wings.

I guess Seth MacFarlane thinks Daly is McDreamy as well.

Dontcha Seth ...

tubetalkaddict said...

Well, I never watched Wings, but both Glens, Seth, and Tube Talk Girl can't be wrong! If they love Daly, he must have something.

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