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Monday, June 04, 2007

Smallville casting scoop

Smallville is reportedly looking for an “extremely hot 30-something actor” to fill the role of the new editor of The Daily Planet, according to TV Guide scoop guru Michael Ausiello.

The new character is apparently being groomed as a love interest for Lois Lane and will be in six of the first eight episodes next season, Ausiello said.

It seems to me that this part was tailor made for my TV crush, and former Superman, Dean Cain. Am I wrong?

The Smallville writers have said in the past that they would love to get Cain on the show, if the part was right. What could be better than the former Clark Kent playing the editor of the Daily Planet?

Plus, he looks close enough in age to Erica Durance’s Lois Lane that I could buy them as a couple. It’s not like Lois hasn’t had a thing for super heroes in the past. (Hello Aquaman and Green Arrow!)

So, Smallville producers, writers, and CW network execs, consider this a plug to cast Cain in the role. It would be a nod to the Superman legacy to have the former man-of-steel join Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder as guest stars on Smallville.

Plus, can you imagine the inside jokes that the writers could craft for Cain as he dishes out assignments at the Planet? It could be more fun than Clark Kent hopped up on red K.


Ashley said...

I would LOVE for Dean Cain to come on Smallville! But as a love interest for Lois? Eh. She had a superhero last season. Can't a guy come on the show and not be a love interest for anyone? And if it ends up being Dean Cain and he has to be with someone, give him to Chloe!!!

tube talk girl said...

Here, here, Ashley! You're right. Why does everyone fall for Lois? Hmmm....it must be those abs.

I agree, Chloe needs some adult lovin'. Jimmy is too adoloscent!

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