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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Office cast soon to be immortalized in bobbleheads

NBC announced that it is producing bobblehead collectibles of the entire cast of The Office at the request of fans, according to Variety.

Fans were introduced to the Dwight Schrute bobblehead in the Valentine’s Day episode of season two. NBC tapped in to the popularity of the toy and has been selling them at its online store. It has been a popular seller for the site, according to Variety.

Now, bobblehead Jim, Pam, Michael and the rest of The Office gang will be immortalized in bobbleheads. No date has been announced yet as to when the merchandise will be available.

In addition to the bobbleheads, fans will have a chance to purchase replica Dundie Awards, too. Dundie Awards were given to The Office workers for categories such as whitest sneaker and hottest worker in a hilarious episode.
I’m off to polish my sneakers.


Kara said...

A bobblehead Jim? Oh, I am so gonna have one of those for my desk!

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