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Friday, June 08, 2007

Jericho fans inspire Veronica Mars fans to send chocolate to the CW

CW network executives, I hope you like chocolate.

Plenty of it is coming your way soon, as part of a fan campaign to save Veronica Mars.

Taking a page from the Jericho fans' strategy book, Mars fans are resorting to food as the latest treat to sway the minds of CW network honchos. (Last year, they launched a skywriting plane to fly over the network offices in California.) The food idea worked for Jericho fans recently, so the Mars mission is to achieve the same goal.

The fans of Jericho went “nuts,” literally, after CBS cancelled the show and bombarded the network with tens of thousands of pounds of nuts. The stunt worked, and CBS announced earlier this week that the show would return for at least seven more episodes, possibly more.

Now, fans of Veronica Mars are hoping their food campaign will do the same. Fans of the show are sending chocolate Mars bars to the CW, to try and convince the network to give the show another chance. The campaign motto is: "Veronica Mars: More Addictive Than Chocolate! Satisfy our craving for Season 3!"

I pray this campaign works. Now, I’m off to buy my Mars bar. Please do the same, won’t you?

You can buy online, if they don’t sell Mars bars where you live anymore. (The U.S. version of the Mars bar is now called Snickers Almond.)

For more information on the campaign, how to get free shipping, and where to mail your chocolate, please visit this site: http://www.saveveronicamars.tv/


theTVaddict said...

Does anyone else think last ditch efford by MARS fans reeks of desperation. MARS had three excellent seasons (well, really two). Isn't it time to let the show end in dignity instead of simply ripping off a great campaign by the fans of JERICHO?

tube talk girl said...

Hey TV Addict, I have to respectfully disagree. :)

The Save Veronica campaign has been in high gear for the past two years, with fans buying DVDs and donating them to libraries across the country to increase viewers, as well as the sky writing campaign and a number of other efforts. I don't think it's ripping off Jericho, to take an idea that worked with one network and at least trying to use it at the CW. Unfortunately, the CW is not CBS, and Veronica doesn't have the numbers that Jericho did. So, I'm not sure the Mars bars will work.

The sad truth is that even Veronica's worst episode is better than 95 percent of what's on the tube, and for that reason alone, I'll support any fan campaign these folks come up with!

Plus, did you see the last episode of Veronica? It's killing me that it's going to end like that.

Neptune Girl said...

I'm still sick they cancelled this show. I'll send chocolate, nuts, or both if it will get her back on the air. Veronica still had dignity, yes, and under Rob Thomas, I believe she would continue to have it until her last show.

Kim said...

I think the campaign is futile at this point. The last show's ratings were dismal. No amount of chocolate can make up for so few viewers.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you for the article. We need to change the way the networks count viewers. All viewers should be counted & not just Nielsen families. Please sign this petition.

veronica's fan said...

It's not over b/c they said they wouldn't truly make a decision until June 15. So, we still have some time to change their minds. Keep the faith Veronica fans!

Stacey in KY said...

I think the Mars bar idea is really clever. If we can just get enough interest in the campaign!

Ryan said...

God I don't want Veronica to be over. Perhaps I'm in denial, I just don't get why no one sees how FREAKING EXCELLENT this show is!!!!!! Please CW, if you're reading this, reconsider. Or, CBS, or NBC, or any other network, please pick up this show!

Alex in NY said...

I think it is beyond ridiculous that fans have to keep doing these campaigns to get networks to pay attention to the fact that they love these shows. It's blatantly obvious that Nielsen ratings are not in any way an accurate depiction of how beloved a show is. And the fact that networks use that system to justify cancellation is appaling. Change the system, please! I cannot take another mindless reality series.

tube talk girl said...

What, Alex, you don't want to watch the new CW show about a farmer choosing a wife?

Yes, bitter, that is I!

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