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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dean Cain wants to play for the NBA

Former TV Superman and Hollywood hunk Dean Cain wants to be a professional basketball player. To achieve his goal, he’s entered a video of himself showcasing his impressive hoop skills in the Miller Lite Go Pro Challenge.

The contest allows NBA wannabes to strut their skills on the court for three minutes. Then, online viewers can vote for their favorite videos/players once a day until July 9. Fans will decide who gets the final roster spot, and that athlete will get the chance to go pro.

The winner will attend the NBA Development League Pre-Draft Camp beginning July 28.

In the video, Cain rocks his three-point jumper and does a remarkable reverse move.

Before Cain became a TV star, he played professional football for the Buffalo Bills for one season, but was injured and gave up his career in favor of acting.

If you’d like to see the former Superman on the basketball court, go vote for his video. As he’s always been a TV crush of mine, I think you know which video I’ll be voting for!


Anonymous said...

I wish he would come back to Las Vegas. I'm still waiting for my Casey and Sam reunion.

tube talk girl said...

Here, here! I'm in no way convinced he was killed by a giant squid!

Cynthia said...

Hey,Dean.You got skills baby.You got my vote.Good luck,I'll watch for you when you make the draft.

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