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Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Stamos’ bizarre TV appearance

It pains me to write this, as I have been a John Stamos fan since he played Blackie on General Hospital back in the ‘80s. But, here it is.

Stamos recently appeared on an Australian morning talk show to promote ER. During the appearance, Stamos was, well, not himself. He was miffed about a newspaper report the prior day claiming he had appeared on another talk show with bleary eyes, slurring words and an unkempt appearance.

Stamos defended himself, claiming jet lag was to blame, since he had also been in Greece, Egypt and Tokyo.

During the show, he took a joking jab at the host’s wardrobe choice, used a prop for an obscene gesture, and exhibited other odd behavior.

Uncle Jesse would not have approved.

Stamos later apologized for the appearance, once again blaming jet lag. The rest of the Australian publicity tour was cancelled.

I’m not sure what exactly happened down under. For years, Stamos has been a consummate professional and a fun interview. I still enjoy him.

You can watch the video here at You Tube or just hit play on the video below.


big tuna said...

This is crazy! Uncle Jesse, what happened?

What was up with that vase?

Anonymous said...

This is not uncle jesse .YOU sick american!!!

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