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Monday, June 11, 2007

Days of Our Lives now available at iTunes

Remember the days when you cursed your VCR tape/TiVo for screwing up and you missed an episode of Days of Our Lives? Those days are over.

Sony Pictures Television announced Monday that episodes of Days of Our Lives are now available for purchase and download at iTunes.

Stefano DiMera is behind this. I just know it. (Hey, if he can rise from the dead more than once and build a complete replica of Salem on a deserted island, he can certainly upload the adventures of the Salem residents to iTunes.)

Beginning June 11, each day’s episode of the daytime drama will be available for purchase the day following the broadcast.

To watch John, Marlena, Bo, Hope and the rest of the Salem gang, it will cost you $1.99 an episode, or return watchers can purchase a multi-pass for 20 episodes for $9.99.

Someone had better check Stefano’s bank account. I fear that Sony won’t be getting a dime of this cash, if he’s behind this.


Cara said...

I think this is a great idea. Free would be even better, but at least it's available when I miss it now. Sometimes, our local station preempts for the dumbest things, and now I'll get to see it!

Steve said...

I'm so glad networks are putting TV on the Internet. I hate it when I miss my favorite shows. Thank you NBC or Sony or whoever did this.

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