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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why pull Friday Night Lights from the summer schedule?

NBC has angered a lot of Friday Night Lights fans, if my e-mail box is any indication.

The network began the summer running reruns of the critically acclaimed show on Sundays, in an effort to grab the folks who didn’t watch it in the fall, but then stopped airing it, just as new fans were finding the show.

Soon after Ben Silverman took over the reigns at the network, the show was pulled, supposedly until August. NBC said it wants to promote the show prior to the start of the new season to garner interest, instead of showing all the reruns now.

That seems to make sense, considering the reruns weren’t getting huge ratings. (Around 3 million for the last airing, if I recall correctly.) But, I’m a big believer that quality shows that sometimes get lost in the busy fall schedules can work in the summer, when there is usually nothing on the tube but brainless reality shows.

I’m not sure if NBC did the right thing or doomed the show.

Most of you have interpreted this move to mean that Silverman doesn’t love Friday Night Lights. I wouldn’t go that far. But, I hope that FNL doesn’t get lost, once again, amongst the new crop of fall shows.


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