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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Veronica Mars fans turn efforts to charity

Veronica Mars fans are a motivated bunch. After the initial campaign of flooding the CW with Mars candy bars and marshmallows to try and bring the show back from cancellation, the fans are now turning their attention to a charity campaign for Invisible Children.

An episode of Veronica Mars featured a story about a child soldier in Africa, and fans have jumped on board to raise money for the Invisible Children fund by selling t-shirts.

Five dollars of every t-shirt sold goes to the cause. Check out the t-shirt designs here.

For more information on the Invisible Children fund, visit this Web site.

Meanwhile, here’s some information about the charity from our favorite blonde detective and the boys.


Rae said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word! Every time someone posts about it, the amount we've raised (a little over $250 so far) goes up!

tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the update Rae!

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