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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dwight Schrute and Garrison Keillor separated at birth?

I’ve made a startling discovery: Dwight Schrute, who makes us laugh each week on The Office, has a twin.

His twin is none other than esteemed author Garrison Keillor.

With so little quality television on during the summer, I was forced to read a book the other day. Yes, a book. I know. It’s crazy. Anyway, on the back cover of Lake Wobegon Days I thought I saw Dwight Schrute staring out at me. On closer examination, it was Keillor’s portrait shot.

I looked around for Jim Halpert, because it would be just like him to pull a prank like this. I can just see him taking Dwight’s photo and pasting it on to the back covers of some famous books. But, alas, Jim was nowhere to be found.

So, judge for yourselves.

When actor Rainn Wilson has on his “Dwight scowl,” he looks so much like Keillor that I’m convinced these two are related.

Or that Jim Halpert has been one busy boy.


Big Tuna said...

LMAO! Too funny, Tube Talk Girl. It is scary how much they look alike with that scowl.

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