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Friday, June 15, 2007

Scrubs’ Laverne returning as her twin

Photo credit: NBC

Remember sassy Laverne who kept the Scrubs gang in line for years and died tragically? Well, despite the fact that she took the dirt nap last season, her portrayer Aloma Wright is returning next year to play her “evil” twin.

I say “evil,” because according to Variety, “Shirley” is the antithesis of Laverne, when it comes to religious faith. Shirley is more in line with Dr. Cox’s distaste for religion, i.e. if there is a God, he has one warped sense of humor.

Shirley is a single, alcoholic woman who shuns religion, according to the trade. Hmmm…does anyone else think she and Dr. Cox are going to be Best Friends Forever?

The twin plot device is a move right out of the daytime drama playbook, but I don’t care. As long as it gets Wright back on our screens, I’m in.

Scrubs fans were stunned and in need of therapy last season when the curmudgeonly Laverne died as a result of a car accident. (OK, so maybe it was just me in need of therapy, but fans were still outraged.)

Show creator Bill Lawrence had thought Scrubs would end last year and had decided to “shake things up” by killing a cast regular. As it turns out, Scrubs was resuscitated for one more season. Lawrence then did right by Wright and asked her to come back as Laverne’s twin.

I know what Laverne would say: "Thank God!" And she's not alone.


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