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Thursday, June 07, 2007

One Tree Hill graduation

Commentary with a Co-Ed
by Ashley Gouveia

An episode right before a season finale is supposed to get viewers excited for the next week. For the first half hour of One Tree Hill last night, I wasn’t feeling the excitement I should have been. That was until everything shifted into high gear.

The first half hour with the Chase/Brooke storyline bored me. I’m not really a big fan of that pairing. The character of Brooke has been isolated from the rest of the pack this season. I hate that because I love her interaction with Haley, Lucas, Peyton and Mouth. Hopefully, we will see more of them all together in the finale.

The ‘Dan killed Keith’ story is finally coming to a head. Deb and Nathan both found out, and, shockingly, there was no bloodshed. I was expecting Deb to finish Dan off, but maybe they’re saving that for the finale. The scene with Nathan confronting his father was probably the best one of the night. Poor Nate, he still thought Papa Scott had some decency left in him. Nope, the man is evil. There’s no redeeming him. Will Dan make it to the police station to turn himself in? My guess is probably not.

Karen had her baby girl, which left her life hanging in the balance. She was in a coma as the kids took their walk, or in Bevin’s case, fall, across the stage at their graduation. Was I the only one who saw Haley going into labor right in the middle of her valedictorian speech? That was a great moment though. Nathan and Haley looking at each other was a great way to end the episode.

The last half hour left me anticipating the finale next week. I have really high hopes for it. Last season’s finale was my favorite, and I’m hoping this one can top it. In a One Tree Hill finale we can definitely expect lots of drama, great music and a bunch of cliffhangers. ‘Till next week.

My favorite moments of the night:

“Ow! What are you on drugs again!” -Lucas (So funny!)

“The day Keith died, you died.” -Nathan (Loved this scene. My favorite of the episode.)

Lucas and Haley flashback (Season one, the good ol’ days. I love when TV shows do this!)

“I’m sorry I have more. I just think I’m having my baby”-Haley (Now that’s a story to tell the kids one day!)


Lisa said...

I can't wait for the finale. It usually doesn't disappoint. Totally agree with you on the whole Brooke storyline---she should be interacting with the main characters. Til next week!

ashley said...

Thanks for the comment lisa! I can't wait for the finale. They have to pull out all the stops in order to measure up to last year.

tube talk girl said...

I hate what they've done to the Brooke character. I guess it just shows that one should never get romantically involved with someone you work with!

Kim said...

Loved Bevin's fall!

ashley said...

i hear what you're saying jennifer. Brooke was always involved in the A storyline and recently she's been put on the backburner. The story with her and Rachel didn't interest me at all.

ashley said...

Me too kim! That was hysterical and totally something Bevin would do:)

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