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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Isaiah Washington sits down with Larry King

Recently fired Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington wants his side of the story heard, and he’s going on Larry King Live to do it.

Washington is scheduled to chat with King this Monday at 9 p.m. ET on CNN, according to the CNN Web site.

Last week, it was reported that Washington was considering a lawsuit against ABC. He also told the Houston Chronicle that the wrong guy was fired, suggesting that cast mate T.R. Knight was the one who had caused problems on the set.

Washington was involved in a scuffle last season with cast member Patrick Dempsey and also uttered a gay slur at Knight on set. Washington then used the “F” word again during a press conference at the Golden Globes, when he said that he had not used that word against Knight.

Frankly, I think we’ve heard Washington’s side of this. He went to rehab, did a PSA that appeased some in the gay community, and he believed that all had been forgiven.

I’m waiting for the rest of the Grey’s cast to start talking. I’d like to see what Dempsey and the rest of the cast have to say. Perhaps they’ll call in on Larry King Live? That would be more interesting than any episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


Anonymous said...

i like isaiah washington and i don't wont that he was out on Grey's Anatomy. he is a very good actor and a very complex character.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah Washington made a mistake, we all do. I am gay, I am also a fan of the show. I think that he regrets what he did, I think that he is an asset to the show, I also think it is crazy that they let him go. I understand that we need to stop the hate in the world. It could be a race, religion, ect.. What people don't understand is that by getting rid of the hate, by making people aware of the hate, sometimes we are starting the hate. If we truly know what we are talking about, we should know how to forgive and look past peoples mistakes. Not everyone that makes a mistake like Isaiah Washington is evil. In fact very few are truly evil. Lets not point fingers, because in most cases we should be point at our selves.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I am a 32 year old straight, caucasion male who is married with two children. I have numerous (at least 25 or 30)gay friends. I would say it is safe to say I have more gay friends then a lot of gay people do. That said it is dispicable that Isaiah was fired. They (ABC) made him jump through hoops with a gag order, PSAs and Rehab. And if he violated any of these terms he would have been fired. Low and behold they fired him any way. Don't you think he would have had more to say sooner, had he known he was going to be fired. All the while T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl were free to run their mouths to anyone who would listen. They took every opportunity to slam him and call for his job every time a camera was rolling. Let me ask this why can't we forgive a person who seems truly apologetic. But we continue to embrace little drug addled Britney. Who by the way is a mother of two, but you wouldn't know that by her behavior. As well as little drug addict Lindsay who just seems to keep getting work. And furthermore would Patrick Dempsey have been treated the same as Isaiah. I am not trying to make it a black thing. I am just saying I think ABC thought Isaiah's character was expendable and they just took the easiest way out for them. Note to ABC: Turning your back and a blind eye on a situation is not an effective method of tolerence when it comes to racial and sexual acceptence. COWARDS!!!

Jake P.

Anonymous said...

Is there some group working to see Washington re-instated. He was the only reason I watched GA, and the situation is widely misunderstood. Washington never said anything to Knight. His comment was made referring to himself in an argument with Dempsey over Dempsey's tardy and unprofessional behavior. If ABC wants to fire someone from GA, they should take scruffy one dimensional Dempsey and leave us with Washington, who even manages to make Sandra O look good.

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