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Friday, June 08, 2007

Isaiah Washington fired from Grey’s Anatomy, is it wrong?

Isaiah Washington won’t be back next season on Grey’s Anatomy, according to TV Guide.

The actor’s contract was not picked up, according to an ABC spokesperson.

I admit, I’m a shocked at this development. Bad behavior on the set of a TV show rarely results in an actor’s dismissal, especially when the actor is such a pivotal part of the drama.

Washington was involved in a behind-the-scenes squabble with Patrick Dempsey and apparently called cast mate T.R. Knight a “faggot” earlier this year. Then, at a press conference with the cast at the Golden Globes, Washington denied that he used the F word as a gay slur toward Knight. Washington then quickly went to “rehab” to work on his issues.

I’m always sad when an original cast member leaves a show that clicks so well. Sometimes, it can change the entire dynamic.

However, I’m not sure if Dr. Burke’s exit will make such an impact, though, as I’ve had plenty of mail from readers who, frankly, found it hard to buy his onscreen friendship with Knight’s character and the rest of the cast, after reading about all the behind-the-scenes tension.

Certainly, ABC has the right to fire/hire whomever they choose, especially if the actor is not representing the image they want. Don Imus learned that lesson first, when he was recently fired from CBS for an on-air racial slur.

So, what do you think? Will the absence of Preston Burke make you tune out of Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think ABC did the right thing? Will you miss Dr. Burke and his colorful scrub caps?

I’m sure "George O’Malley" won’t.


Cara said...

I for one won't miss him! I haven't been able to enjoy him on the show since all this came out. Good riddance Dr. Burke!

Kim said...

I'm sad to see an original cast member go. I think it does change the tone of the show. Perhaps they'll do a recast? Hmmm....hot black man...Taye Diggs? Wait, he's already on the Grey's spinoff.

Steve said...

I'm glad they fired his homophobic ass!

Anonymous said...

It was wrong to fire him, he said he was sorry, he went to sensitivty training, did a PS annoucement. What more can you expect?

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