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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rescue Me shocking death controversy

For weeks I’ve wanted to tell you about last night’s shocking death of Rescue Me’s chief Jerry Reilly. But I didn’t want to spoil you. (You’re welcome.)

Now that you’ve seen the episode, I know you’re as shocked and saddened as I am. Let me put it this way. In the infamous words of Isaiah Washington, “I’m mad as hell.”

Jerry was the heart of the house and a father figure to many of the guys. Why kill him? I suppose suicide makes sense for his character because he felt that without a future in the department, he had nothing. But, this was Jerry, who we’ve loved from the beginning.

I’m mad. I’m sad. And I’m putting Rescue Me on notice! (Yeah, I’m sure their worried.)

Making this story even sadder is actor Jack McGee’s comments to TV Guide about his character’s death. McGee told the publication that he was devastated that his character was killed and blamed it on a unknown rift between him and Denis Leary. McGee said he and Leary were once friends, but that recently Leary did not speak to him off camera. McGee went on to say that he was upset that Leary didn’t tell him about the chief’s death personally.

Leary responded that he doesn’t handle personnel matters. He also went on to say that when someone passes on Rescue Me that they usually come back as a ghost.

Let’s hope that’s the case for the chief. If not, thank you Mr. McGee for giving us one of television’s most real characters. You will be missed.
UPDATE: To see more on this story including an interview with McGee and comments from Rescue Me honcho Peter Tolan, click here.


Anonymous said...

tubetalkgirl, what can you expect from a show whose writers and major star wouldn't admit that one of their female characters was raped? She didn't like it 'rough', it wasn't 'consensual', she was deliberately drawn by two wankers as someone who did NOT say 'no', she was RAPED.

Tolan and Leary are obviously misogynists. It is quite gratifying to see McGee verify that Leary and Tolan are just what I thought they were.

What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Hey tubetalkgirl, did you see Alan Sepinwall's blog? It seems that the mighty Leary and Tolan have fallen. Shame, I guess they figured having Tommy Gavin putting air quotes around 'rape' could make it rough sex.

Anonymous said...

tubetalkgirl, in a bid to go three for three, the misogynists Tolan and Leary have added 'rough religion' (calling the Pope a gangster) and 'rough parenting' (dangling a baby off a bridge) to their 'airquotes' excellent 'endairquotes' homage to women everywhere with the 'rough sex' (aka rape) episode.

I wonder what McGee thinks of the show since he left. Probably as if he took a good hot shower.

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