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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Office drinking video

If Michael Scott were your boss, you’d probably need to drink, too.

That’s why this video at You Tube made me chuckle in delight that someone took the time to edit together some of the best the drinking scenes from The Office, set to the perfect song: Brad Paisley’s Alcohol. (Paisley is a fellow native West Virginian, and I’ve always loved this humorous ditty. Now, with Jim Halpert starring in this video, I love it all the more!)

I’m waiting for the Grey’s Anatomy drinking video next. Those interns certainly like the liquor. And we can’t forget the Walker gang on Brothers and Sisters. Those siblings never met a cocktail they didn’t like. Meanwhile, enjoy The Office workers partaking in one of their favorite hobbies.

(Thanks to Kim for sending this my way!)


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